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There are so many apps these days that it is really hard to be impressed by one in an instant. And that is slowly becoming the norm for generative AI. Unless an AI experience that can really make you sit up and take note, you feel pretty meh about it and brush it off by saying: what’s the big deal? Having said that, there has been an app launch recently that does the exact opposite.Enter Arc Search, the new app from The Browser Company. If you are unaware of Browser Company, then these are the same folks who make Arc Browser — the default choice for many Mac hipsters.
What makes Arc Search different? For starters, it is different to look at and does the job without too much fuss. A lot of it is down to this nifty feature called Browse for Me. What it does is that it summarises your search and makes a website of sorts. At least that’s what the process describes.
For instance, if you search for Simon & Garfunkel, it breaks down the search with neat icons and bullet points with catchy headlines. In the case of the iconic music duo, the subheads read “Early Success” “Major Album” “Popular Singles” and there’s even one on “BreakUp”.
It doesn’t stop there if you are looking for the conventional search model. You see three top search results, which are a Wikipedia page, a YouTube page and if there’s an official site, then that’s also included. Arc Search relies heavily on AI to deliver the results you are looking for. The app’s UI is really tidy and simple — pretty apt for the iPhone. Arc Search, as of now, is available only on iOS.
Arc Search scours the web far and gives you exactly what you are looking for in one single page, sparing you the headache of jumping between countless websites. If you are a fan of minimalism, you will enjoy it. Arc Search keeps it trim and tidy, offering only the essentials: starring, find-in-page, reader mode, and not much else. It is like the Marie Kondo of browsers — if it doesn’t spark joy, it doesn’t make the cut.
It has its fair share of flaws. For instance, you can’t save a bookmark or even share a URL. All you can do is share a screenshot, which seems archaic in today’s world. You also don’t get incognito browsing but do expect it to sort some of these issues with future updates.
Arc Search isn’t everyone’s cup of tea right now. But for those who are tired of Google’s “10 blue links”, Arc Search is the place where things are simple, sleek, and oh-so-minimal. You will be impressed by the use of AI as well as the way the app does the job it advertises — a rare feat in today’s times.

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