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What is Clipboard Protection feature in Android and how to use it – Times of India

The Clipboard Protection feature in Android 13 and 14 is your new guardian angel for sensitive information copied on your phone. Essentially, it acts like a gatekeeper, monitoring and managing app access to the clipboard, helping you avoid the risk of sensitive data like passwords, addresses, or credit card numbers leaking to unapproved apps.
Here’s how it works:
Notification of Clipboard Access:

  • Whenever an app tries to access the clipboard, you’ll see a persistent notification informing you about it. This transparency allows you to stay aware of which apps are snooping on your copied data.

Automatic Clearing of Sensitive Content:

  • If you copy text containing potentially sensitive information (like a password or credit card number), the clipboard automatically clears that content after a short period (around 1 hour by default). This prevents malicious apps from grabbing snippets that shouldn’t be shared.

Preventing Visual Leaks:

  • Android 14 further strengthens protection by hiding sensitive content previews in app notification toasts. This means even if an app accesses the clipboard before it’s automatically cleared, the sensitive information won’t be visible in the notification preview.

How to Use Clipboard Protection:

  • There’s no specific setting to enable or disable this feature. It’s built into the core functionality of the clipboard in Android 13 and 14. You just need to be aware of the notifications and trust the automatic clearing mechanisms to keep your copied data safe.


  • While Clipboard Protection is a valuable security feature, it’s not foolproof. Always exercise caution when copying sensitive information and avoid entering it into untrusted apps or websites.
  • Some specific apps, like password managers, may require continued access to the clipboard for their functionality. You can grant them permission on a case-by-case basis through the notification, ensuring only trusted apps have access.

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