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Synergia to host 3-day strategic conclave in Bengaluru | India News – Times of India

BENGALURU: The Synergia Foundation, a Bengaluru-based think-tank will host a three-day conclave — ‘The Future of Advance Technologies, Global Diplomacy and National Security’ — which it describes as “the largest gathering of strategic experts worldwide” at a conclave from November 17-19 in Bengaluru.
The initiative aims to address pressing global challenges and harness opportunities through interdisciplinary discussions. Synergia Foundation founder and president Tobby Simon said the Government of India’s National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) and Tata Consultancy Services are key partners for the event.
The conclave, spanning three days, will bring together statesmen, policymakers, technologists, scientists, academicians, and industry leaders to foster dialogue and present innovative solutions. The focus areas include cybersecurity, quantum encryption, artificial intelligence, aerospace and defence, satellites, space, advanced computing, and their impact on industry, diplomacy, and national security.
The participants in the first-day round table, “India’s Neighbourhood,” include Ambassador PS Raghavan, Lt Gen MA Hossain, and Major General Ngwe Thein. Themes covered during the conclave range from plausible alternate futures to global risk assessments and technology’s role in future conflicts.
Simon emphasised the conclave’s interdisciplinary nature, spanning international relations, geopolitics, economics, national security, and technology and said it aims to create strategic options for policymakers and bridge the gap between industry, startups, and global expertise.
“Governments, industry, and academia must adapt to ever-changing geopolitical paradigms. Our aim is to provide key stakeholders with a 360-degree perspective on risks, turning them into opportunities. By facilitating the exchange of ideas, we empower individuals and businesses to navigate global threats,” he added.
As Bengaluru stands as the technological hub of the nation, the conclave serves not only as a platform for strategic discussions but also as a catalyst for collaboration, ensuring a collective approach to addressing global challenges and uncertainties.

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