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Samantha Ruth Prabhu to be back on the sets after a 7 month hiatus; was focusing on her health | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

In July 2023, Samantha Ruth Prabhu stunned fans with news of her hiatus from work, despite her career’s pinnacle. Citing a diagnosis of myositis, an autoimmune ailment, she prioritized her health, signaling a temporary departure from her professional commitments. During her break, Samantha abstained from film projects. However, in a recent social media post on Saturday, she disclosed her imminent return to work. Additionally, she shared her involvement in a health podcast, indicating an exploration of new endeavors.
In a video she shared on social media she said “Hello! So, yes, I’m going back to work. Finally, But, apart from that – I know most of your questions are when are you going back to work, yes, I’m going back to work! But in the meantime, I was completely jobless. But, I also did something fun with a friend. It’s a health podcast. Yes, I know, quite unexpected, but it is something that I really really love, and something that I’m extremely passionate about. And, yup, it’s a health podcast and I’m very excited that it’s releasing next week. And I hope that some of you really find it useful, and I think I have enjoyed making this.”
Samantha’s latest appearance was in the romantic comedy film “Kushi” alongside Vijay Deverakonda, receiving mixed reviews. She’s set to star in the Indian chapter of the web-series “Citadel” by Raj & Dk, her second collaboration after “The Family Man.” The show also stars Varun Dhawan. Samantha announced the commencement of dubbing for the series, hinting at a release later this year.

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