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Heart Month: 5 Apple Watch Features to Monitor Your Cardio Health | – Times of India

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatch that money can buy. One of the key reason it is popular is the focus on cardio health and fitness features it packs. February is Heart Month and it is perhaps the right time to give priority and know about the cardio health features the Apple Watch has. When it comes to monitoring and maintaining a healthy heart, here are 5 key features to leverage:

Cardio Fitness

Get a personalised estimate of your VO2 Max, a powerful health predictor recognised by the American Heart Association.Low levels? No worries.Track your progress as you improve with regular exercise.
Calum MacRae, M.D., Ph.D., a cardiologist, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and principal investigator of the Apple Heart and Movement Study said, “Understanding VO2 max across the life cycle will allow us to decipher the reasons why individual’s exercise capacities differ and how these differences relate to longer term wellness and disease prevention.” The ability to follow VO2 max longitudinally and correlate this with specific patterns of activity will allow us to tailor advice for the individual on the best ways to gain and maintain Cardio Fitness, added MacRae.

High & low heart rate alerts

Resting heart rate outside the normal range? Receive notifications that might indicate underlying conditions, encouraging you to seek medical advice if needed.

Irregular rhythm notifications

Stay informed about potential AFib, a serious heart rhythm issue. Early detection is crucial, and your Apple Watch can help identify possible risks.


Experience heart palpitations? Take an instant ECG reading right on your wrist. Share it with your doctor for a clearer picture of your heart’s activity.

AFib History (for diagnosed users)

Track your AFib episodes over time and see how lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and weight might influence them. Gain valuable insights to manage your condition effectively.
Do keep in mind, Apple Watch is not a diagnostic tool, but it can be a powerful ally in your heart health journey. By utilising these features and being mindful of your body, you can take proactive steps towards being healthy. The Apple Watch can certainly help you in monitoring your cardio health and it is something that all Apple Watch users must keep a track of.

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