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High Severity Vulnerabilities in Android OS: What You Need to Know | – Times of India

CERT-In or Computer Emergency Response Team has issued a new “high” severity warning for several versions on Android operating systems, including the latest version — Android 14. As reported by the government body, multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in the Android OS and this can compromise device’s security to let hackers and attackers gain access to the device as well as sensitive data.
Framework, System, Arm components, MediaTek components, Unisoc components, Qualcomm components and Qualcomm closed-source components seem to have some sort of flaw and that’s what causes this security and safety issues in the Android operating systems which can result in allowing attackers to obtain sensitive information, gain elevated privileges and execute arbitrary code on the targeted system.
Affected Android versions and devices
Report mentions that these vulnerabilities have been found in Android 11, Android 12, Android 12L, Android 13 and Android 14, which is the latest version of the operating system. This means devices (smartphones and tablets) running these operating systems are affected by these vulnerabilities.
What users can do
CERT-In has advised users to app;y appropriate updates when made available by respective OEMs. In simple words, you need to download and install the latest update on your phone whenever it is available.
List of vulnerabilities found
CVE-2023-32841, CVE-2023-32842, CVE-2023-32843, CVE-2023-33046, CVE-2023-33049, CVE-2023-33057, CVE-2023-33058, CVE-2023-33060, CVE-2023-33072, CVE-2023-33076, CVE-2023-40093, CVE-2023-40122, CVE-2023-43513, CVE-2023-43516, CVE-2023-43518, CVE-2023-43519, CVE-2023-43520, CVE-2023-43522, CVE-2023-43523, CVE-2023-43533, CVE-2023-43534, CVE-2023-43536, CVE-2023-49667, CVE-2023-49668, CVE-2023-5091, CVE-2023-5249, CVE-2023-5643, CVE-2024-0014, CVE-2024-0029, CVE-2024-0030, CVE-2024-0031, CVE-2024-0032, CVE-2024-0033, CVE-2024-0034, CVE-2024-0035, CVE-2024-0036, CVE-2024-0037, CVE-2024-0038, CVE-2024-0040, CVE-2024-0041, CVE-2024-20003, CVE-2024-20006, CVE-2024-20007, CVE-2024-20009, CVE-2024-20010, CVE-2024-20011.

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