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Google Launches New ChatGPT Plus-Rival Subscription Plan: Pricing and Steps to Get It for Free | – Times of India

Google has rebranded Bard to Gemini and changes are now live. As a part of the update, Google has also introduced a new Gemini Advanced, powered by the Gemini Ultra 1.0 large language model that offers faster response and is more capable than the Gemini Pro which is available in the free version.
That said, Google has launched a new Google One subscription plan — AI Premium — that sits at the top and offers benefits like additional storage, dark web monitoring, Access to Google experts and Google Photos editing tools.
Google One AI Premium Plan: Price and benefits
Google One AI Premium plan comes with all the benefits of the regular Premium plan such as 2TB storage, dark web monitoring, access to Google experts, Google Photos editing tools, additional Google Meet and Calendar features and more.
In addition to these, the plan also includes Gemini Advanced and access to Gemini in Docs, Gmail, etc. (when available).
The plan is priced at Rs 1,950 per month.
How to get it for free
Well, there’s no random workaround to get the Gemini Access for free. To help users test the new Gemini Advanced, Google is offering two months of AI Premium Plan for free. This means, that whether you are an existing Google One user (any membership plan) or a new user who has never subscribed to Google One, you are eligible to get two months of AI Premium plan with Gemini Advance for free.
Do note that this free access is applicable only for two months. Once the free trial is over, you’ll have to pay Rs 1,950 per month. However, Google is offering users the option to cancel the subscription 7 days before it ends to avoid additional charges.

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