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Actor Song Kang surprises fans with unexpected part-time job at a cafe | – Times of India

Actor Song Kang caused a stir among fans and the general public alike when photos emerged online showing him working at a part-time job. The images depicted him fully immersed in his role at a chocolatier shop and cafe, donning the complete uniform with a charming smile.
However, the surprising sight of Song Kang in a part-time job was not what it seemed at first glance.It turned out to be a special event organized by Godiva, where the actor, as their newest ambassador, took on the role of a temporary employee for just a day at their Gangnam branch.

Arriving at the scene in a sleek suit, Song Kang delighted waiting fans with friendly waves and gestures before transitioning into his role at the cafe. With genuine enthusiasm, he served up chocolate drinks with his trademark handsome smile, ensuring a memorable experience for customers and onlookers alike.
As the day drew to a close, Song Kang wrapped up his shift in style, indulging in one of Godiva’s renowned ice creams before bidding farewell to his temporary gig. With his undeniable charm and charisma, it’s no wonder that any cafe would experience a surge in business with Song Kang on their staff roster.

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