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Ram Gopal Varma comes out in support of Poonam Pandey after her fake death stint; says ‘No one can questions your intent’ | – Times of India

Poonam Pandey has stirred widespread discontent, with both celebrities and the public expressing frustration over her alleged fabrication of a death hoax for cervical cancer awareness. Despite the backlash, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has emerged as an unexpected supporter, commending the actress for her actions.
Amidst the criticism from television actors and social media personalities directed at Poonam Pandey for orchestrating a fake death scenario, the filmmaker offered a different perspective on Saturday.Taking to his Instagram, he not only reacted to the backlash but also lauded the actress for the underlying intention behind her unconventional approach.
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The filmmaker’s tweet read, “Hey @iPoonampandey the extreme method u employed to draw attention to this issue might attract some criticism, but no one can question ur INTENT nor what u ACHIEVED with this HOAX .. Discussion on cervical cancer is TRENDING all across now. Your SOUL is as BEAUTIFUL as YOU. Wish u a very very long and happy life.”

As soon as he shared the post, netizens voiced their displeasure in response to RGV’s commendation of Poonam, expressing their anger and disapproval. Comments ranged from calling the act shameful and discouraging support to questioning the choice of such an extreme method for creating awareness. One comment suggested there are better ways for raising awareness, while another urged

RGV to “get back to your senses.” A user remarked, “Sir, Only you can appreciate such a crazy level of promotion.”

Ram Gopal Varma applauds Poonam Pandey for the ‘intent’ behind her ‘extreme method’

On Friday, Poonam Pandey’s Instagram story announced her purported demise from cervical cancer, with even her manager corroborating the news. However, on Saturday, the actress contradicted the earlier reports by sharing a video on her social media platforms, confirming that she is alive and revealing that she staged her own death to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Subsequently, friends, various celebrities, and netizens have criticized her for resorting to such an extreme promotional tactic.

The actress was seen apologizing in one of her videos for hurting people’s feelings and said, “I’m sorry I’ve caused this tear and I’m sorry to those whom I’ve hurt. I intend to shock everyone into the conversation that we are not talking enough about, which is cervical cancer. Yes! I faked my demise …extreme I know..But suddenly we all are talking about cervical cancer, aren’t we? it’s a disease that silently takes your life and this disease needed the spotlight urgently. I’m proud of what my death news has been able to achieve.”

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