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Lee Dong Wook shares the secret to his long and successful career without any controversies – Times of India

After ‘Single in Seoul‘, Lee Dong Wook has moved onto his next project, a thriller drama titled ‘A Shop for Killers’. In a recent interview, the actor opened up about his longevity and key to enduring success in the entertainment industry.
Back in 1999, Lee Dong Wook began his acting journey with a single-episode MBC drama. He gradually climbed the ladder and, in the following years, got roles in KBS anthology series like School 2 and School 3, which finally brought him recognition. Fast forward to today, 24 years into his career, and Lee Dong Wook’s popularity is still soaring. Notably, some of his biggest hits, such as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-17) and the two seasons of Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020, 2023), have come in recent years.
What’s remarkable about Lee Dong Wook is his clean record—no scandals or controversies throughout his lengthy career. According to the actor, the secret lies in a simple mantra he shared on MMTG, a popular YouTube show hosted by JaeJae. According to Koreaboo, the actor revealed, “I don’t do what people tell me not to do”, adding, “And stay out of things that violate the law.” His co-star, Han Ji Min, chimed in, emphasizing the fickle nature of success and how actions that go against one’s values can ultimately be harmful.
Lee Dong Wook expanded on his perspective, expressing that the short-lived pleasure of certain activities is outweighed by the fear of ruining his life with a single mistake. This fear acts as a guiding force, helping him avoid trouble.
While it might sound simple, JaeJae jokingly pointed out during the interview that steering clear of temptations is easier said than done. Nevertheless, as a beloved K-Drama heartthrob, Lee Dong Wook manages to make his wholesome image look effortless in an industry where such a feat is no easy task.

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