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BLACKSWAN’s Agency warns of legal action against harmful posts – read statement | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

BLACKSWAN’s agency, DR Music, is making a strong move to tackle the issue of harmful online posts and comments. They’ve just released a statement explaining their decision to take legal action against those who engage in such behavior towards BLACKSWAN members and the group as a whole.
DR Music points out that they’ve observed a significant number of offensive comments and posts targeting BLACKSWAN members.This negativity doesn’t just affect the members but also impacts their families, company staff, and even artists who were part of the company before. The agency has declared its intention to take legal measures against individuals responsible for posting harmful content. This includes general malicious comments, insults related to race and country, as well as spreading rumors and false statements.
The full statement from DR Music reads:
“Hello, we are DR Music.
Lately, there has been an increase in offensive comments and posts directed at our members. Many of these comments are reckless and malicious, negatively impacting not only the members but also their families, our staff, and even artists who were once part of our company. We sincerely urge you to avoid sharing negative posts.
BLACKSWAN is a unique K-Pop girl group with members from diverse backgrounds, receiving enthusiastic support from people of various nationalities and races worldwide. Due to this diversity, seemingly insignificant issues to some can lead to larger conflicts. This makes it challenging for us and the members to achieve our goal of sharing positive music and content that people worldwide can enjoy regardless of race and culture.
Posting harmful comments or spreading false information online without evidence hurts everyone and doesn’t benefit anyone. We want to make it clear that we’ll be forced to take legal action if we continue to discover the following actions:
Indiscriminate malicious comments
Insulting comments about race and country
Comments and posts containing rumors
Insulting posts
Thank you.”
This move aims to protect the well-being of the BLACKSWAN members and maintain a positive online environment for fans.

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