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Follow these five tips to extend the battery life of your iPhone – Times of India

Smartphones have become ubiquitous and are rather indispensable. From calls to financial transactions, smartphones are the daily driver for all things essential. With so much being done on phones, the battery life becomes a critical part of daily usage. To help you get the most out of your iPhone‘s battery, here are five tips you can follow:
Optimise screen brightness and timeout settings
One of the primary factors contributing to battery drain is the display.Adjust your iPhone’s screen brightness to a level that is comfortable for your eyes, but not excessively bright. Additionally, tweak the auto-lock or screen timeout settings to ensure your device isn’t unnecessarily active when not in use. This simple adjustment can significantly conserve battery power.
Don’t let too many apps refresh in background
Many apps update content in the background, consuming valuable battery resources. To conserve power, disable Background App Refresh for apps that don’t require constant updates. To do this, navigate to “Settings,” select “General,” and then tap “Background App Refresh.” Here, you can choose to turn off the feature entirely or customise it for individual apps.
Location sharing isn’t meant for all
Location-based services can be a significant drain on your iPhone’s battery. Evaluate which apps truly need access to your location and adjust their settings accordingly. Head to “Settings,” tap “Privacy,” then “Location Services” to customise location access for each app. Choosing “While Using the App” instead of “Always” can make a substantial difference in battery life.

Choose Wi-Fi over Cellular

Whenever possible, opt for Wi-Fi over cellular data. Cellular networks are much more power-hungry, so connecting to Wi-Fi at home, work, or even cafes will significantly extend your battery life. One of the biggest battery guzzlers are cellular networks, so try to connect to Wi-Fi as often as possible.
Go low-power mode
When you find yourself running low on battery and need to extend your iPhone’s life, activate the Low Power Mode. This feature optimises various settings, such as mail fetch, background app refresh, and visual effects, to reduce power consumption. Simply go to “Settings,” select “Battery,” and toggle on “Low Power Mode.”

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