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Apple Vision Pro 2 may get more advanced display and why Samsung is ‘important’ for that – Times of India

Apple’s first-ever mixed reality headset Vision Pro is speculated to be the company’s most-important product of the coming year. The AR/VR headset is reportedly in mass production and is expected to hit the shelves by “late January or early February 2024.” Rumours suggest that the Cupertino-based tech giant has already started working on the next-gen Vision Pro as well as an affordable version of the same.A new report claims that Apple is planning to use more advanced displays in the second-gen Vision Pro headset.
How Apple is planning to improve Vision Pro’s display
According to a report by The Elec, market research firm Omdia claims that Apple’s second-generation Vision Pro headset will feature more advanced micro-OLED displays that are likely to offer higher brightness and improved efficiency.
In 2027, Apple is reportedly planning to upgrade the Vision Pro to an RGB OLEDoS display. This will be a notable improvement over the WOLED display with the colour filter that has been used in the first-generation model.

RGB OLEDoS technology produces light and colour directly from nearby RGB sub-pixels on a single layer. This puts an end to the need for a colour filter.
This will result in the headset’s display to offer significantly higher brightness compared to WOLED. The colour filter OLEDoS ones depend on filtering white light through an RGB colour layer and are also markedly more efficient than WOLED and colour filter technology.
Why Samsung is important for the improved displays
The South Korea-based tech giant is currently the only company that is capable of supplying RGB OLEDoS displays. Currently, several firms are making MicroOLED panels with colour filters, but their production capacity is quite low. However, only the US-based firm eMagin makes RGB OLEDoS panels for military usage. Earlier this year, Samsung Display acquired eMagin.
Apple may use one such OLEDoS panel for its next-generation Vision Pro headset. Samsung is also reportedly preparing higher production capacities and is expected to get orders from Apple in the coming years.

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