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Five cool games that arrived on Apple Arcade in 2023 – Times of India

Apple Arcade saw some popular additions in 2023, offering something for everyone. Here are 5 cool games that truly stood out:
Crossy Road Castle
The addictive “frogger-like” gameplay gets a castle twist. Climb a procedurally generated castle, facing new challenges and enemies with every floor. The charming art style and addictive loop make it a perfect pick-up-and-play game.
Sonic Dream Team
This reimagined classic brings back the beloved Dreamcast title with modern visuals and gameplay tweaks.Explore vibrant islands, collect Wisps, and utilise their unique powers to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. A nostalgic treat for Sonic fans and newcomers alike.
Football Manager 2024 Touch
Manage your dream soccer team in this streamlined version of the acclaimed series. From transfers to tactics, you control everything. The touch controls are intuitive for mobile, and the depth of gameplay keeps you engaged for hours.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition
Dive into a charming life-simulation adventure alongside iconic Disney and Pixar characters. Restore a forgotten valley, befriend familiar faces, unlock hidden secrets, and personalise your dream home. A delightful experience for Disney fans of all ages.
Assemble with Care
This unique puzzle game combines precision with heart. You play as a restorer, traveling the world to fix broken objects and uncover the stories behind them. The relaxing gameplay, beautiful environments, and heartwarming narrative make it a truly special experience.
Other titles you can try

  • Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go: Get your groove on with this rhythm game revival! Shake your phone to the beat of classic and new songs, and unleash your inner maraca master.
  • Delicious – Miracle of Life+: Enjoy a charming cooking adventure with a twist! Manage a restaurant, cook delicious dishes, and explore a heartwarming story about family and life.
  • Downwell+: Dive into a fast-paced, rogue-lite platformer. Master your gunboots to descend a deep well, facing enemies, collecting treasures, and avoiding deadly hazards.

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