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Google is testing noise cancellation for voice notes in Messages app – Times of India

Google is working hard to make the RCS-supported Messages app a viable alternative to other popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, etc. In pursuit of that, the company has recently added tons of new features including better message management, emoji reactions, the ability to watch YouTube videos within the Messages app and so on.
Recently, the company has added a new feature to an already existing feature — Voice Notes.The feature, as expected, allows users to record a small voice note and share it with other users via the Messages app. As per a new report by Android Police (spotted by AssembleDebug) Google is addingnoise cancellation to Voice notes to make the notes clearer and crisper.
According to the report, the beta version of the Google Messages app has a new dedicated Noise Cancellation button, tapping on it enables the feature that reduces background noise from the surroundings while recording a voice note.
It should be noted that the feature is currently in the testing phase and available in the beta version of the app only. And, it recurred ‘flag’ enabled as of now.
We expect the feature to roll out with the future updates of the Google Messages app.
This isn’t the only change
Lately, Google has been paying extra attention to Messages to make it stand against the competition and lure more users. The company is also adding markdown text formatting in the same beta version of the app. This allows users to format text using symbols like asterisks. That said, currently only a handful of symbols are supported.
Meanwhile, in November 2023, the platform incorporated colour and wallpaper options, adding a layer of personalisation to the messaging interface.
Additionally, Google is testing profile options, allowing users to create shareable profiles with personal details and enhance discoverability. If implemented, the introduction of wallpaper and custom colours would not only signify a potential UI upgrade but also a strategic move to keep pace with competitors.

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