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Shriya Pilgaonkar: I am enjoying eating Diwali faral with my dad | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

This Diwali, Shriya will be spending time with her dad, Sachin Pilgaonkar, while her mom Supriya is away shooting in Bhopal. She says, “I am enjoying eating faral with my dad. Usually, mom and I get busy making rangolis, she’s quite a champ at it, and she also enjoys making kandeels from scratch. This is something that her mother has passed on to her. Mom and I do this every year, but this time, since she isn’t around, I did it all by myself.”

Sachin, Shriya and Supriya Pilgaonkar

Shriya says that given that everyone in her family is an actor, they are used to working around each other’s schedules.TheMirzapur actress adds, “We make it a point to spend time with each other during festivals. However, there have been many years when papa, aai and I have been busy shooting for our respective projects. Work is something we all consider sacred, and we are passionate about it. Spending Diwali on set with your film crew is also very special. And if you are shooting in another state or country, it is always a pleasure to explore the local customs and traditions. I explored Diwali in Rajasthan and even in London when I had parked myself there for work. It feels so different.”Ask her to share some childhood memories of Diwali, and Shriya recalls the time she spent with her grandparents. She shares, “I have always enjoyed understanding the meaning and the spiritual significance behind the traditions and rituals we follow during Diwali from my parents and grandparents. Often, we don’t ask ourselves why we follow certain traditions, but my parents and grandparents have always told me stories about why we do what we do.”

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