WhatsApp starts testing its app for tablets with beta users on Android: Details


WhatsApp has been testing the tablet version of the app with some beta testers on Android. Now, the company has expanded the WhatsApp for Tablet beta to more users across the globe.
The new update is arriving as a part of the latest WhatsApp Beta update version on Android. The update now shows users who have installed the latest beta version of the app a new banner that reads, “Have an Android tablet? WhatsApp for tablet is available for beta testers.”
The banner also has a Learn more button, tapping that, reveals a new details card for WhatsApp on Android Tablets. The details card highlights some key features and also guides users on how to get WhatsApp on an Android tablet.
According to the banner, users have to search for WhatsApp in the Google Play Store on their tablet and install or update the app to its latest version available. Once downloaded, users are required to open the app and follow on-screen instructions to link the app to the primary WhatsApp account.
WhatsApp for Tablet is like a companion mode that gets linked to the primary account and users can use their WhatsApp account on both smartphones and tablets without logging out from their smartphones.
Recently, WhatsApp has also rolled out a new update for iOS beta users. The latest beta version brings the ability to forward images, videos, GIFs and documents with captions. The company started testing the same feature for Android a couple of months ago.
When users forward an image with a caption, a new view will appear at the bottom of the screen, letting them know whether the feature is enabled on their account. Furthermore, a dismiss button is available to delete the caption from the image before forwarding the message if the user decides they do not want to forward it.

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