What to Expect on Your Wedding Day: Things You Should Know

What to Expect on Your Wedding Day: Things You Should Know
What to Expect on Your Wedding Day: Things You Should Know

What to Expect on Your Wedding Day: Things You Should Know 12 Things to Know Before Your Wedding Day Don’t wear heels for your rehearsal unless you’re a frequent heel wearer. … Baby wipes are your best friend. … Take your dress off to use the restroom. … Hair and makeup trials are a must. … Give yourself more than enough time on your wedding day. … Something will go wrong. … Have buffers.

How to prepare for your wedding day

Here’s a piece of advice to make your wedding day easier and more enjoyable: Don’t over plan. “Less is more!” says Amy Crone, a business consultant and the author of You Can Have It All and a YouCanHaveItAll.com blog. Being prepared is the key to a seamless wedding day, says Paul H. Brunson, the creator of relationship site LoveScience.com and the author of “Relationship Goal for a Married Couple: The Love You Need,” a bestselling book. “Think about it, too much preparation and you won’t enjoy it.” Whether you’re used to planning parties, managing a household, or handling a full-time job, working ahead can be an important tool. You can better gauge how long to stay up, how much time you’ll need to take off work and what to do with your dog.

10 things you should know before your wedding day

Jewelry is going to ruin your hands. This part isn’t easy, but it’s important to get it done beforehand. If you want to watch, then you’ll have to remove your jewelry. People can stop you on the way out. Try to go up and down the aisle. Bring as much food as you can with you. Whatever you can’t take will have to be eaten in the waiting room. Practice at least 10-15 times, starting at the beginning. This may seem like a given, but it isn’t. Do something fun on your wedding day. Have fun at the reception. Do not let the musicians talk to you. Change your gown out as soon as it is dirty. No one will notice if your belt isn’t done up. Never, ever, ever wear your bridal bouquet on the wedding day. Vows should be in Spanish. The groom should be looking at the bride.

Things that happen on a wedding day

Our Wedding Day Stats Are In! The Results Are In! Now What? Call for 2 numbers below. Press 1 to hear a sample. You can only use each sample once. The Most Common Wedding Day Mistakes The Most Common Couples’ Wedding Day Issues What’s the best way to handle these common wedding day concerns? Join us to get the answers. Joanna Clampet is a Wedding Expert and New York Times Bestselling Author of MORE. She has been helping couples plan their weddings for over 30 years and is also the wedding expert on LOVEhacked.com, one of the most popular wedding sites on the web. The New York Times calls Joanna “one of the most gifted and reliable experts in America.

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Allow yourself to make mistakes! Some of the most beautiful weddings are those that had the biggest fails!



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