What skills are required to earn on the Internet?

What skills are required to earn on the Internet?
What skills are required to earn on the Internet?

What skills are required to earn on the Internet?

The Intuit Foundation has partnered with US News, McGraw-Hill, the leading education provider of quantitative and qualitative content; Expedia and Forbes, leading online businesses; PowerSchool, a startup that connects parents with verified high-quality learning solutions; Value Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to helping build scalable and profitable education-tech companies; and the Washington Post, a local media business to offer a series of workshops to craft the final curriculum.

The conversations will focus on two topics: the present and the future of online education. Each workshop will include a multi-platform panel with experts from Fortune 500 companies, along with global legends in academia and online education. The first on Monday will be a “FastTalk” session moderated by QuestMark founder Bill Bratton, based on Fearsome Fives, his inspirational organizational podcast. The second on Tuesday will be led by Joy Letzig, education advisor to the Foundation, and Leah Remington, global head of business operations at the Quartz Education Group at Bloomberg. Both are longtime education experts. Letzig will also host a live Q&A session with the panel on Tuesday.

How does Google earn money? Is it ads?

November 6 at 9 am ET – Stentorian are providing a joint development of content that will complement the immersive experience of the game; Virtual Learning at Microsoft is donating digital resources and supporting over $15,000 in personal tech donations for schools, and Expedia is joining forces with Illinois-based BesteineGo, a technology solutions company, to open a digital school pilot to augment the Illinois school system.

November 7 at 9 am ET – Smoove, a smart voice and navigation tool that interfaces with Windows and Microsoft Office software in the classroom, is teaming up with Thomson Reuters to provide personalized learning for teachers and students.

November 8 at 9 am ET – The Salesforce Foundation, a philanthropic arm of Salesforce.com Inc., is collaborating with Maples.com, a Denver-based philanthropic organization, to launch The Pursuit of Excellence: Curriculum and Staff Strengthening Project, an inclusive digital school curriculum and coaching program that will include more than 200 at-risk, underserved middle and high school students in Toronto, Canada.

November 9 at 9 am ET – The Duff Company is giving back to Washington State by partnering with Solve Digital, the largest group of fundraising websites in the U.S., to conduct a panel that will include the program director of the School Solutions and Collaboration Award.

What are your top learnings from the summit and conference so far?

Prepared remarks from the eminent panel and sessions from the Foundation will occur on Nov 5 and 6. Audio recordings from the sessions and the panel will be made available on the Foundation’s website www.intuit.org/intuitfoundation.

Find the institute location: Portland, OR.

Learn more about the curriculum: http://www.Intuit.org/intuitinteadc.

Learn more about entrepreneurship: https://www.intuit.org/intuitinteadc.

Sensitivity High 5 is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on financing transformative education companies with the potential to deliver transformative learning for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Bring the games: https://www.intuit.org/intuitinteadc.


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