What is the next big cryptocurrency?

What is the next big cryptocurrency?
What is the next big cryptocurrency?

What is the next big cryptocurrency?

AI and cryptocurrency are merging in this edition of the episode.

In this episode, I will discuss the next big cryptocurrency as it can have a big impact on society and how technology will shape the next generation of digital currency. I will be adding some basic fundamental foundational questions to the mix.

One of the fundamental questions you have to answer when trying to figure out this next big cryptocurrency is this:

Is this cryptocurrency an asset? Is it a token? Or is it something more? I think it will be a token. I believe that this will be the next big cryptocurrency.

Identifying the Next Big Crypto

Everyone loves cryptocurrency.

This is true for traditional currency, as well as tokenized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and so forth.

There is more to blockchain technology than just tokens and altcoins. Cryptocurrency is the new money that is driving changes and innovation on everything from financial institutions to insurance to supply chain to healthcare and legal frameworks to energy markets.

As many would like you to believe that technology is the primary motivator for every trend, each day we come across innovation of a different kind, from digital human interaction tools to ways to better store data across platforms. If you can keep up to date with the changes in cryptocurrency the blockchain, you are all set for the next big cryptocurrency.

A $2T Coin Powered by Artificial Intelligence?

Cryptocurrency is an asset, but so too is blockchain technology. The final component of any cryptocurrency is its network. And everyone is looking for the Next Big Crypto. The question that should always be asked is: How it’s moving? So let’s find out how this may all tie back.

Google’s Robot and IBM’s Message Processor Platform

Which of these platforms will make cryptocurrency a decentralized network supported by Google’s blockchain, IBM’s blockchain, and so forth? If AI and blockchain are an artificial intelligence framework then I think it will be Google’s platform.

Many see Google as the next billion-dollar company and I believe this is the future — all technology will be driven by an AI framework and this will be Google. Let’s put in place the infrastructure as we move in this direction.

I believe that at the 2018 conference I will be talking about how Blockchain technology will truly create the next big crypto.

Simplifying the Legal Structure

There are many legal issues that could affect the overall goal of a cryptocurrency. If we know the basics of what they are, how can we solve these issues? Well… I think it’s smarter than anything we’ve ever seen in the blockchain domain.

Let’s learn more about cryptocurrency as we move forward in this digital currency phase.

Exporting Data Will Put Bitcoin on the Moon

A truly secure chain is one that can’t be broken. It’s supposed to be able to be used across all industries. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, are designed to be radically decentralized and truly disconnected from a central authority.

In this role, we are likely to see the rise of cryptocurrency computing power as we apply it to some blockchain technology techniques. However, as blockchain enters the application world, we will only see a transformation to their capability and a decentralized central system.

With AI the demand for a more decentralized representation of information will accelerate the speed at which AI is able to handle and complete operations. In fact, AI will go to the moon and even beyond push blockchains further in digital currency.

Can I calculate the price of my crypto at its value of 2TB? What to do with a Bitcoin when I am 10 years old and already 30000 BTC? These are not questions you’d ask if you were a teenager though!

There are many ideas already being explored to work around these problem types. These include Proof of Work, Randomness, Order of Proof, and Exchange by Send Mollins.

Corporations with blockchain tokens could propose a smart contract to apply blockchain to offer an exchange of cryptocurrency for something of value.


Blockchain was like the technology revolution itself. From mobile payments to AI, everything will be driven by a cutting-edge node and the network of trustworthy minds on the existing blockchain network.

If this is true for real businesses, I believe we will see cryptocurrencies evolve to deliver even greater value to society.

Two weeks from now I will be speaking to Bratislav Jankovicovski on why cryptocurrencies will deliver that value. You can listen to the JANKOVYV podcast, and you can subscribe to receive updates here.

P.S. Another edition of the podcast is coming next week, featuring Alex Malachowski. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud, and Google Podcasts.


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