What is the Best Selling Product to Sell on Shopify?

What is the Best Selling Product to Sell on Shopify?
What is the Best Selling Product to Sell on Shopify?

What is the Best Selling Product to Sell on Shopify? Hey there, winner. You’ve got the drive to succeed as a bestselling merchant on Shopify. Continual research is critical to building and maintaining a profitable eCommerce business. In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 best-selling Shopify products. Tips and tricks for how to source and find a best-selling product to sell for healthy profit margins are coming in hot at the end.

What is the Best Selling Product on Shopify?

It depends on what you’re selling and what you sell it on Shopify. Let’s take a look at the best-selling products on the Shopify platform and their respective categories. Where to Start Building Your Best Selling Products You’ve got a great product idea, but there are a few ways to get started. 1. See where your customers are at. Before you launch your first product on Shopify, it’s always important to first establish where your customers are on the platform. On the Shopify Analytics Dashboard, you can sort the merchants by category. This way, you’re going to find customers that are already using and shopping for the products you’re working on. Â Use the Shoppable product category filter to narrow down to products that are ready to go on the Shopify platform.

How to Find a Best-Selling Product

You need to know what kind of products people are buying so that you can target it better. Different sales channels produce a different kinds of returns. A product sold in a retail store may be worth 20% profit margin. A similar product sold online might be worth 50%. So, how do you find the best products that generate the highest profit margin? You do this by examining a variety of data points: Business Formalities How has your business changed since the last time you used your product? How has your location changed since the last time you used the product? How has your product changed in the meantime? All of these factors affect the value of your business as a whole, and should also affect the value of the product.

The Top 5 Best-Selling Products on Shopify

Bestselling products on Shopify are carefully curated by Shopify’s product team. This consists of product managers who can peruse a slew of orders and reviews and add those products to the product catalog for Shopify merchants to buy and sell on their platform. “Within Shopify, we have an amazing product team, and we have over 100 product managers that you can rely on to take care of your products,” says Joaquim Da Silva, co-founder of WooCommerce and Shopify seller. “They watch and pay attention to thousands of orders and reviews, as well as thousands of comments and posts. They can help you optimize your product or solve problems fast.” Below are the top 5 best-selling products on Shopify, ranked by total sales. 5.

Making Money with Bestselling Products

Why are best-selling products so successful on Shopify? The most successful products are those that offer the perfect product combination. For example, a successful dog grooming shop might offer a doggie wash station and a professional grooming service. Customers can take their dogs for a wash (and dry and blow dry) while their humans are off at work or out on the town. The product is perfect. So why do customers not purchase it? Simple. It’s too expensive for their budget. This is why so many best-selling products are low-priced, high-volume products. Since they offer customers a service, they need to be very flexible to avoid discounts.


Be inspired by the success of these women. The blueprint is clearly laid out. Shopify merchants sell over $2.7 billion in products in the last year. See how they pulled it off, how they built their personal brands and what they did differently than you. Simply put, every single business owner and individual can make $1000 a month selling something on Shopify. Your personal brand and product can be the extra push to sell it for $1000. Ready? You’ve got it in you to sell $1000 in a year! About Rebecca Ciezadlo Rebecca Ciezadlo is the author of The 25 Secrets Every Shopify Seller Must Know, a guide to Shopify education and all things eCommerce. With 25 years of experience in retail management, product creation and marketing, she’s the one-stop shop for all things eCommerce.


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