What are the legitimate ways to earn money online?

What are the legitimate ways to earn money online?
What are the legitimate ways to earn money online?

What are the legitimate ways to earn money online? I have been a news writer since 2017 and now, as social media has evolved in recent years, its accessibility to anyone who has an internet connection has grown immensely. After settling down, my wife and I moved to California where new opportunities popped up on a regular basis. Currently, we are supporting ourselves with our journalistic careers but more importantly, I take up the addition of being an educator in schools.

The best way to make a livelihood from journalism is to continue using the methods you have always done it with. Not since the age of seven had I been in school. While on school bus rides with other students who are new in school, one of the more vivid and constant memories you are most likely going to have in life is of one passing you on the road without stopping and looking you up or down. Other students will stare at you as you go by, expect your school ID number to flash out at them in terms of how to talk to you. While that was the first time I had been judged or spoken to by someone I did not know, I never got away with it.

As children, you are not allowed to speak to someone until they can talk to you. Aside from that, talking to or demanding to see their name tag, which gives you all the information you need to gauge whether it was a new student or not.

I continue to employ those practices as you age. How can you get a job online if you are not familiar with what exactly a job means? Most organizations are happy to teach you what it involves but the stumbling block that many newcomers still struggle with is how to get started. Do they know what they want? Is there a place where they can apply? Are they going to land the job?

While most just end up either applying to or looking for jobs online, there are a few old-fashioned methods I still utilize. I do not hesitate in what I know I want to do, but what I look for more often is what someone else is doing before I pass on the information to a client. Not only do I believe a bit of curation is a part of my job as it goes around inside the written word, but it will also carry me through my new world. When I sit with a person and discuss them with their superiors, some give more information than others and I am able to see patterns among those with the answers.

Nothing comes in a package and no one has all the answers. That is just how it is and how we live now. I truly enjoy the process of talking to someone about their abilities and what they want. Being able to identify what they can do and what they may be good at is more important than their previous experience.

The most important tool in life is time. We only have 18 months to reach the general masses. We have to use them wisely and receive the support we need to be successful. It is much easier to figure out where you want to go and to find out the place where you want to go with that good piece of information you found. I am not saying we are going to find ourselves unemployed again but we need to make sure we are taking the proper precautions to have a working job and not a flipping job.

Every person who has ever faced the possibility of being unemployed can understand the truth in what I am saying. Life is complicated, of course, but it can also be funny. When something you do not see and you know you are not supposed to know happens to you, it is just part of life.


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