What are some small scale business ideas?

What are some small scale business ideas?
What are some small scale business ideas?

What are some small-scale business ideas?

Today I am experimenting with a concept called business. unhappy. This experience gave me a great appreciation for small-scale businesses in London, and with no doubt, it will become my practice in the future.

This experiment is about running a business on a small scale to make money and to learn. This will be a five-month experiment running as part of the Summer School Programme (ESP) in DSE.

I will be paying my rent for now, but I will be learning on the run so if you are interested in learning, kindly use the link below and comment below with your thoughts of what to work on next.

Some ideas for the area around me where I could get involved.

Current offers to buy

6marketing.com promotes low-priced items from UK Locals.

UK Locals sells local produce with easy sale techniques that lead people to spontaneously buy from the shops.

My idea would be to make an online list of local establishments. They could use the website software that allows you to log the sellers (though sometimes you could even find a trader who isn’t listed by the website).

With the click of a button, you would browse the stores and use the location list to shop around London. When you logged into the website you would click on the shops you’d like to visit first. So, you’re your own first shopper and it’s free. You save money, get to try local attractions and small outlets, and learn about your local community.

Here’s the description I added:

Find a shop that everyone loves. If you find something of interest, click it and ask them to support you by using promo code SMALLSCREEN. We will give a 10% discount to anyone who accepts.

For more small scale business ideas visit https://freestrongleadership.com/small-scale-businesses/

Works with The Free Bundle

Traffic lamps and signs around London can be hard to read, especially as the displays outside are changing all the time.

One of the most brilliant designers I knew was Alan Wilkins. I think he saw how many neon signs I found in my neighborhood and ran a smaller version of these displays.

He actually became a part of my group after I began this experiment. The idea of running his temporary displays could take a product from promotional items that make life on the street more fun to visuals that will appeal to people and stimulate people.

Place the signs in people’s everyday lives as it encourages them to explore the city and to walk through it. So, many of these displays could be installed on the roads or along the shoulder of the road so the smaller signs would only be visible by the streets, and pedestrians and visitors would come to take a closer look.

Something like this would translate into many people finding the signs beautiful and interactive. People could actually buy things on their way to the shops through the reduced or half-price signs.

Here’s the description I added:

Help the street through your small display. Your small display could be on any part of the street. There’s no limit to the number of signs you put up. In fact, you could put several signs up side by side. They could be on the pavements, ramps, lampposts, and even on the quiet side of the road.

The idea of using local traders opens up the world of being able to shop within a street that’s full of beautiful street art and a small story. You could create local boutiques that basically tell the stories of people. With them, you could get on Instagram, and let people know your story. You could write your story by posting pictures in the shops.

This would lead to a different kind of feeling within the city since instead of taking an exit, you could take a private small road or pathway.

Storeful.com provides a great opportunity to store food and drink business on a semi-permanent basis. This has a great amount of potential to become something much bigger.

I feel that having the entrepreneurs thoughts on the surface for my small shop


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