What are some of the best small scale industries?

What are some of the best small scale industries?
What are some of the best small scale industries?

What are some of the best small-scale industries? Large scale industries are incredible, but not as beneficial as their near everyday counterparts, small-scale industries. A small-scale industrial niche, such as this one, is an industry that is essentially autonomous and can be enjoyed on the open road.

These examples are no longer desired, but yes, these industries are wonderful to explore!

The waste and recycling industry

A small-scale industry in its own right, a waste and recycling industry will not disappoint you at all! Specifically, the Bemador Clean Energy HQ in Mexico City, which makes use of low-cost renewable energy, is an example of the waste and recycling industry in its own right.

Why are these companies great? Due to energy, their operations involve the creation of less carbon, providing a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to other business models. Think about it, less emissions equals less pollution, however, more pollution means decreased productivity.

The food sector

Everyone can gain knowledge from these industries. The local food systems are often hidden and unrepresented, and therefore challenging to understand, but they will reward anyone able to identify where and why they are important. Large scale industries have an enormous footprint, but small-scale products have flexibility, have time in their wings, and are a home run in the kitchen of budding chefs.

Airbnb and Grubhub

The small-scale services market is worth nearly $340 billion, and is one of the hottest segments online! Where else but with these incredible companies, do you want to go eating while your homeboys live in your basement, drinking and doing cocaine to the Summer Night’s Sky?

Operating Doors/ Parent Companies

Small scale companies are plenty of companies in their own right, but when we look back over the past decade or so, our minds would be hard-pressed to find similar facilities. While the man who built the careers of Patrick Mahomes and Bill Belichick can certainly consider his startup very startup-like others that have fallen by the wayside, it is difficult to argue that the greatest small businesses, we know today, were spawned in a time period prior to now. To a lesser extent, the rise of Pixar will be remembered over 30 years later, while most of the most noteworthy startups such as Uber, Instagram, and Tinder are beginning to dim their lights by the time their voices had faded as well.

Small scale industries are making the changes that the large scale markets have not, and fortunately, that is what makes them great.


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