What are good cryptocurrency forums?

What are good cryptocurrency forums?
What are good cryptocurrency forums?

What are good cryptocurrency forums? Contains information about the website that you visit, or your search term in relation to it, a list of related content; recommendations, suggestions, new products, comments about another site that you visited, your reasons for becoming a guest.

What are bad cryptocurrency forums?

This is a list of forums that you are not interested in visiting, or are extremely likely to stay away from. Some people may think of it as criticism or negative spam, but in some cases, this is precisely what you are looking for. Here’s the secret: not everyone enjoys these services. Not everyone wants to read dozens of other people’s messages, many of which are filled with expletives and spelling mistakes. If you are looking for help, comment. Comments are precious. If you are seeking guidance, read. Don’t hit ignore. And don’t expect it to solve your problem. Comments will not always be useful.

However, you cannot escape posts altogether. To at least help guide you in the right direction, or to highlight someone’s ability to think critically comment. Ask for help where there is a need, and avoid an online land mine. Trust your gut.

Also: If you are in a protected area, comment about the correct forum. If you cannot find it, ask a local. Or you could google it to find out what the “safe spot” looks like. Clicking an email address may appear out of order, but do not act otherwise.

Other useless things:

Our aim is to help you make the right decision for yourself. We do not encourage you to write ridiculous replies, posts filled with spelling errors, or abusive comments. You may not go the “commonsense way” with spam emails. Do not touch it.

Free advice:

The team welcomes queries. And if you have a question, we will help you solve it.

Top-5 forums for beginners:

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, don’t get lost here. Start by requesting for answers to some questions. These answers will not be valuable if all you do is answer questions to ask so much more. Good questions will produce more useful answers. We will be updated with your responses if any of your answers are relevant.

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