PUBG: Battlegrounds to go free-to-play

in January, exclusive feature

will be part of paid upgrade

PUBG: Battlegrounds is a free-to-play game, but there will be some limited-time events and in-game rewards for those who purchase the game.

In January, the game will be available to everyone and players will be able to access most of the basic features.

Additionally, players will be able to access the Ranked Mode and Custom Match only through Battlegrounds Plus accounts. 

Premium accounts will also unlock rewards like the Captain’s Camo Hat, Mask, Gloves, and Bonus 1300 G-COIN. 

The transition from paid to free-to-play will happen on January 12th, 2022. The transition process for the game will be similar to that of the PlayStation Store’s Transition Pack.  

While a few features will be free, the game will retain the paid features.