Ban card with Aadhaar is March 31, 2023. But, one condition !!

Aadhaar – Pan link | If the PAN and Aadhaar numbers are not linked by March 31, 2023, 

your PAN card will be deactivated from April 1, 2023.

With the deadline for linking the Aadhaar number with the banned card ending today, the Finance Ministry has now given an extension of time till March 31, 2023. 

However, it also imposes various conditions. 

Although the banned card must be purchased by everyone, the banned card is a mandatory one for income taxpayers 

Income tax payable by a person is calculated on the basis of PAN number. 

Similarly, since the introduction of the Aadhaar card, it has been associated with all our applications. 

Aadhar link with bank number, Aadhar link with our mobile number It has been necessary to link the Aadhar number to various services.