Watch: Why a Tesla car owner blew up his car with explosives


A Tesla car owner in Finland has blown up his Model S electric car by strapping it with dynamite rods (30 kgs of it) as per a report by Gizmodo. What caused this ‘explosive’ reaction, you might ask. Because paying for repairs would have cost about half the total cost of the car. So, he decides that enough is enough and it’s time to say goodbye to his car with a ‘kaboom’.
This is the story of Tuomas Katainen, a denizen of Finland, whose 2013 Tesla Model S began to give him trouble after it ran “excellent” for the first 932 miles (or 1,500 kilometres). Then, “the error codes started to appear”. To sort out the trouble his car was facing, Katainen took it to a Tesla dealer’s repair shop. After the car stayed there for about a month, the people there told him that they reportedly “couldn’t do anything” for the car and that his only option was now to replace the battery of the car which “would cost more than $22,600, and he would have to ask Tesla permission to carry out the repair.” The report adds that “$22,600 would go a long way to buying another used 2013 Model S in Finland, which appears to sell for more than $42,900.”
Those would have been the moments when Katainen must have decided that he’s had it with the car. He got in touch with YouTuber Pommijätkät and used about 66 pounds (30 kilograms) of dynamite to blow up his Tesla Model S. You can see the entire video for yourself here.

In the video, you can even see a chopper dropping a dummy of Tesla CEO Elon Musk from a, maybe, bone-breaking or even killable height. Man, we hope Tuomas Katainen’s rage has abated, now that he’s blown his Tesla Model S to smithereens.


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