Leverage these newest robots from digital sphere to ease the lives of humans in 2022

Robots are fast transforming the days of our lives with smart functionalities and protection capabilities. Tech-driven countries are focused on manufacturing different kinds of robots for industrial use, personal use, household use, business use, and many more. The global robotics market size is expected to hit US$189.36 billion in 2027 with a CAGR of 13.5%. The digital sphere is full of new inventions for robotics in Industry 4.0 and transforms the workforce. There are multiple modern robots in digital world. Let’s explore some of the top ten newest robots assisting in the digital world efficiently in 2022.

Top ten newest robots in the digital world in 2022

Robot cooker

Robot cooker is thriving as one of the newest robots in the digital world. The advancement in robotics has helped the newest robot to cook more than 3000 meals as per the standards of eight popular Chinese culinary schools. The robot looks like a giant multi-culinary machine that has replaced human cooks at almost all restaurants in China.

Artist robot

Artist robots are popular robots in Industry 4.0 to create portraits of any object in three minutes. This newest robot can analyse the specific photo for providing a beautiful sketch of the object or human participants. This newest robot in the digital sphere is flourishing in the retail centres as well as in eateries showing off the new skills for more customer engagement.

Compact robot

Compact robots are the emerging newest robots equipped with 14 servo motors having the speaking ability, face recognition system, interacting ability, reading graphic books, and many more. These motors can move with flexibility and do activities such as kung fu, dance, etc. These newest robots are small in size with portability, 4G LTE connection, and object detection power.

Maid robot

Maid robots are gaining popularity after the huge demand for completing household chores with ease. There are some maid robots that are doing the dirty work to make the house clean efficiently. These newest robots equipped with UV-C light technology can keep families healthy by sanitizing 40 different materials with different textures. There are mopping robots, window cleaner robots, and many more which can remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas.


Grillbot is a new entrant to robotics in Industry 4.0 used for grilling meats for barbeque events. These newest robots can come in handy to automatically clean, scrub, as well as scrape with wire brushes to reach the impossible spaces.

Assistive robot

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge demand for assistive robots. The digital sphere is flourishing with new assistive robots to cater to senior citizens, children, youth, as well as housewives – literally, every target group. It helps to remember important tasks preventing the risk of forgetting by people who lead a busy life.

Caregiver robot

Caregiver robot is one of the recent robots which has the potential to transform the lives of senior citizens. It has helped them not to feel alone, have medicines at the right time, order some necessary things, and do many more activities. This has helped them to be physically, mentally, and emotionally active despite staying alone all the time.

Autonomous farm tractor

The 40,000-pound autonomous farm tractor can be operated from a smartphone to plow fields efficiently. There are a total of six pairs of stereo cameras for a 360-degree view, GPS guidance, and the ability to process images within 100 milliseconds.

Autonomous boats

The integration of robotics in Industry 4.0 with artificial intelligence has provided autonomous boats or self-driving boats with hi-tech cameras as well as depth sensors with machine learning models. The autonomous navigating technology lets users take less time in berthing and docking and reduce potential accidents during any operation.

Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton

Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton is focused on transforming the future of work, especially sectors that involve physically demanding work. This is the world’s first battery-powered industrial robot

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