Things to consider before buying a new power bank


A power bank has turned out to be one of the most important accessories in our daily lives. Whenever you find any of the device’s battery is about to die, you can plug it into a power bank and it will start charging immediately. Buying the right power bank is not a simple task as there are a wide variety of these available in the market. You must always consider some factors like brand, capacity and customer service among others. Here are some of the important factors that you should keep in mind before choosing the right one.
Charge conversion
Smartphones come with a power rating of 5 volts, while for power banks, the power rating is calculated at 3.7 volts, as they pack Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) battery cells. This difference in power rating explains the step down in the charge cycles. There is a way to calculate the charge cycle of each power bank as per their capacity which will determine the amount of energy it can provide (usually less than what is mentioned by the company). For example, if it is a 5000mAh power bank it will be able to drain out a capacity of just 3700mAh and it is just a math number. There are other elements that also decrease the charge conversion including — heat loss, resistance and even wear and tear among others.
How much power does it retain
High-quality power banks can retain charge for 3-6 months depending on the brand while the low-quality ones can retain charge for barely a month. A power bank’s capability to retain charge depends on multiple factors and it deteriorates over time. If you do not charge it regularly or when you leave it in a place where there is regular temperature fluctuation, it will affect the power bank’s charge retention capability.
Check for a power indicator
A power indicator is a feature that is usually overlooked, but this is one of the most important features for buyers to consider. Power banks lose charge with time and if you are not monitoring the charge and the recharge cycles, you might find yourself with a dead power bank. The power indicator shows the amount of charge that is left in the power bank (usually comes in the form of tiny LED lights) to help you avoid sticky situations.
There are some devices that you need to shake to know the reserve energy whereas others have a little button to switch on these indicators. Always ensure that the product you choose comes with these LED indicators.
Never forget to see the charging speed
Portable power banks, mostly the ones that come with bigger capacity, may take a huge amount of time to refuel. Nevertheless, a device with a decent capacity of around 20000mAh is expected to take 6-7 hours to replenish its charge.
It is better if you look for devices that also support Quick Charge input for charging the power bank. This will help your power bank to be charged in a decent amount of time.
Fast charging support is always a bonus
Most power banks are not equipped with the Quick Charge (QC) function on all the ports, might just be a single port. So, it is better to check the capacity of all the ports before finalising one. It turns out to be a dicey situation when one of the ports has QC support (preferably QC 4.0 or 3.0), but the remaining are at 1A. The best bet is to go for devices that have a combination of ports at 2.4A, 5A or come with the QC symbol.
Brand reliability matters
The trustworthiness of a brand should always be a concern whether you buy a smartphone or a portable power bank. There are times when even the smallest brands offer the best products while the biggest brands churn out low-quality or sub-par products. It is better to check the reviews for this, especially if you are buying online. Reviewing the seller feedback and ratings before buying the product is always advisable.
Check for the weight of the power bank
Considering the product weight is also recommended as high-capacity power banks usually tend to be on the heavier side. Eventually, you wouldn’t want to carry a device that weighs down your backpack or something that you can’t slip into your trouser pockets easily.
Warranty coverage
You should always consider the warranty coverage for the power bank and also check the feedback on the customer service for that particular company before selecting the right one.


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