The Best Fiance Services Company For Your Big Day

The Best Fiance Services Company For Your Big Day
The Best Fiance Services Company For Your Big Day

The Best Fiance Services Company For Your Big Day When you think about the financial services industry—cuddly, warm, and trustworthy might not be the first adjectives that come to mind. But these banks, insurance companies, and more win high marks from employees for emphasizing not just the balance sheets (though there’s plenty of that), but the softer side of customer outreach and employee relationships. A consistent refrain: employees at these companies get to put their clients first. And the benefits don’t hurt either.

The importance of financial services

Financial services organizations in the top 10 for employee satisfaction, according to the employee engagement survey (or “ValueCareer Survey”) are quick to credit employees for helping financial institutions survive the recent financial crises and the uncertainty of the present day. As Leslie H. Donohue, AVP of market strategy and director at Benchmark Company (and 2013 Chief Data Strategist) points out in his response to the survey, these companies stand in the shadow of megabanks like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. “For the most part, the financial service industry is not a glamorous industry, nor does it attract the best of the best in terms of being innovative and driven by innovation,” he writes.

The different types of financial services

Focusing on the interests of employees is a great way for financial services companies to leverage their money. (See: how Bank of America became the gold standard of employer perks.) But the top companies have many more ways to express their kindness—and they’re worth checking out. Whether you’re ready to finance your wedding, need help refinancing your mortgage, or want to open up a savings account for your kid, you can find a financial services company that’s right for you. Read on to see 10 of the best financial service companies that put the well-being of employees first. 1. Ally Ally’s network of credit unions is divided into alliances and partner branches.

Why do employees love these companies?

With clients and customers in mind, the business of these banks, insurers, financial planners, and others seem so much nicer than a grumpy money transfer guy who just wants to get his cash and get out. After all, if you’re a bank teller or a teller at an insurance company, you’re in the business of telling customers that they owe you money. So it’s nice to be appreciated. Customers and their money go together, which helps with retention. People like knowing their money is safe with these companies. And employees like knowing they’re working with a company that cares. Reinventing banks These are some of the biggest banks in the country, but you’d never guess it.

Benefits offered by these companies

While you may be focused on paying down your credit card debt or putting together a tax strategy for your small business, it’s never too early to think about your wedding. Check out what these organizations offer. The ProBrides ProBrides is a women’s network and exclusive membership club created for “prosperous, professional and sophisticated women” that boasts some $500 million in combined assets. The company has a wide array of professional and fashion services, including resale, fashion, health, financial, jewelry, hair care, and beauty.


Finding the right bank for your personal needs is a matter of knowing who they are—and whom they’re trying to reach. Their offer of services and products tailored to their individual customers is what keeps them top of mind. If you want to be in the loop for the next big thing, they’re the ones to know.


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