The Best Engagement Rings For Your Fiance: A Guide to the Styles, Metals, and Prices

The Best Engagement Rings For Your Fiance: A Guide to the Styles, Metals, and Prices
The Best Engagement Rings For Your Fiance: A Guide to the Styles, Metals, and Prices

The Best Engagement Rings For Your Fiance: A Guide to the Styles, Metals, and Prices There’s no “best” style of engagement ring for everyone. The favorite ring I ever helped one of our readers buy is this stunner. But does that mean its the right for you? If you’re searching for an engagement ring for yourself or your fiancé-to-be, we recommend selecting a setting that matches your style, then customizing it with a brilliant diamond.

Styles of engagement rings

Be prepared for an avalanche of price options! The tradition of engagement rings as things in the form of yellow gold, platinum, and even some diamonds that were cobbled together to cover a wider price range than they actually warranted. With the state of the economy, interest in engagement rings was high, and the next generation of couples was choosing to spend more money on this single piece of jewelry. Some were paying $10,000 or more for rings, and a majority of these rings were bought on credit and sent off to be made. As the economy tanked and the cost of gold rose, designers were scrambling to get their customers to bite and pay up. Jewelers were reducing the price, cutting down the number of stones, and sometimes even skimping on quality in order to sell more rings.

Halo/single-stone ring

The Halo Ring (or “Angle Cut”) has a single massive stone in the center, separated by a thin white gold line. The setting around the center stone usually features a number of single diamonds or “crown” diamonds, separated by thin bands of gold. I recommend avoiding a Halo ring if you aren’t a large woman or have a unique face, and stick with the classics in the round shape if you are. In a Halo ring, the center stone is typically oval or round in shape, with a number of thin bands of thin prongs around the periphery. They usually have a large size, though if your man is hard to fit, go down a size (like my reader did!) and order the widest available size. Jewelry designer Michal Hershenson designed this simple, modern Halo ring with colored diamonds.

Solitaire ring

Ring of choice: Buta Jewelry’s $9,000 emerald-cut solitaire diamond ring Gold or platinum: Platinum Why go for a diamond when there’s so many other options for engagement rings? The good news? While not quite as popular as the diamond, the diamond solitaire is quite the underrated option. It’s a classic design (you probably already own one) and comes in a wide range of sizes—so no one can be accused of “getting the shaft.” The downside? The diamond solitaire rings aren’t as widely worn because they can be quite expensive. But if you’re able to afford it, a solitaire ring—and especially one with this setting—is a lovely way to say, “I love you.

Three stone ring

This is the classic engagement ring style–a round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by two pear-shaped diamonds. Often a cushion cut diamond, this looks especially stunning when set in a pink diamond. Like all engagement rings, don’t fall in love with a diamond the first time you see it in person! Prefer a four-diamond ring? You can get the same look with a yellow sapphire surrounded by two round brilliant diamonds. Or you can go the opposite direction, with a fancy cocktail ring by adding a few extra diamonds. Autumn centerpiece ring A faceted diamond ring, this style is simple but elegant, without being too simple. The diamond is set in a band of tiny baguette diamonds, giving the appearance of leaves all around the larger stone.

Metals for engagement rings

It’s easier than ever to find affordable engagement rings made of silver, gold, or platinum. The classic rose gold and white gold styles are traditional choices for most, but Rose Gold is also gaining popularity. Brass has been around since the Roman Empire, but the brassy finish is perfect for a more modern ring. Sterling silver jewelry is high-end, but you can find amazing rings in a wide range of price points. If you prefer a more understated look, perhaps a natural pearl is right for you. If you have a penchant for brighter colors, some diamonds have a “sunburst” look that’s not too far removed from the warm tones of copper. We also recommend you know exactly how much your partner values jewelry. A ring she can wear every day may be more valuable than one she rarely takes off.


If you want a timeless look that will be in style for years to come, choose a gold wedding band. If you want something modern and edgy that can be worn in many different styles, then go with silver. The most traditional gold wedding band can be found at Mariah Carey’s jeweler. It’s around, princess cut cushion-cut diamond solitaire band with 14-carat total carat weight. The solitaire alone is over 5 carats. It was chosen for its complete brilliance and that was the first jeweler she and her then-fiancé considered before she chose an even larger rock that had been sent to her.


Of all the metals in the world, platinum is most often associated with sophisticated, refined jewelry. Think Audrey Hepburn’s engagement ring (above), or those on the wrist of Meryl Streep, and more recently, A-listers like Mandy Moore, Rihanna, and Lena Dunham. It is durable and reliable, and almost never wears out. Best For those looking for a piece that’s classic and chic. It’s also beautiful in one of the white metals like rose gold. How To Shop Platinum: Plenty of retailers sell platinum rings. Established names include Tiffany & Co. and Kay. Bigger names like David Yurman sell the most current sets of earrings, rings, and necklaces.


There are a million and one options for silver bands, from bands with or without stones to bands with white or yellow gold settings. If you don’t have a lot to spend, we recommend this classic “Beluga” style band that can be found at most jewelry stores. Diamond If you have the budget, there are dozens of options to customize with diamonds. For an 18-karat white diamond, you can’t do better than this solitaire band from Cartier. For an 18-karat yellow diamond ring, consider one of the major jewelry houses like Tiffany or Van Cleef & Arpels. Metal I prefer metal, like sterling silver or rose gold. When you’re shopping for an engagement ring, it’s more about what you can afford than what you want. This customizable 1.

Price ranges for engagement rings

For a no-holds-barred look, there’s nothing quite like an enormous engagement ring that stretches from thumb to wrist. In general, engagement rings range from $5,000 to $100,000 or more, so the starting price is often one-half of what the finished design will cost. However, this doesn’t include the diamond. The average cost of an engagement ring for a 20-25-year-old woman is $9,000-$16,000, according to a Yahoo Finance report in 2008. What’s the best way to approach an engagement ring? There’s no set way. While certain companies offer discount coupons, wedding registries, and “everything you need to know” sites for picking the right engagement ring, my experience is that most folks go into the ring process open to all possibilities.


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