Telegram releases beta version 8.4 for Android with spoiler styling and emoji reactions


Telegram has released the beta version 8.4 for Android for developers and this update includes some anticipated features like emoji reactions and spoiler text styling. Android Police reports that it also comes with quality-of-life enhancements and it seems like the developers behind this app won’t stop including new features in the future. Telegram might not be considered as the most secure messenger, but all these new features make it a convenient platform.
Reactions and spoilers have been added to iOS beta for some time now, but earlier there was no imagery and videos available on Android that showcased the features. Currently, reactions and spoilers across both iOS and Android look almost alike.
Users can now long-press to highlight the text that they want to send and select a new “spoiler” styling option. This new styling option is expected to be available in the menu that will conceal the message until the recipient(s) or you tap it. This is expected to work for full messages as well as individual sections.
The reactions feature will add the ability for users to react to a message where they will get 11 emoji options to choose from. They will be available when you select the speech bubble you’ve sent or received as it is now possible to react to your own messages. The emoji options that will be available are — thumbs up, thumbs down, heart, laughter, party popper, fire, shock among others. Users can only choose to react with only one of the emojis mentioned earlier and a new reaction from any user will override the one they selected earlier.
The beta version also includes a snowy winter background that comes with snowflakes which slowly fall down. It is important to note that to use all these new features, both you and your friends need to use the beta version. Reactions will be available for users who are on the latest version 8.4 and the new spoiler-styled text will appear as regular text as it does for every one who uses the stable release.
The Telegram Beta isn’t available on the Play Store and you’ll have to download it from the company’s archive that is there at the Microsoft App Center, which it uses to distribute future versions of its apps. The Telegram Beta installs as a separate application and will leave the stable version of Telegram on your phone intact.


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