Some Google Maps’ users are facing issue using location sharing feature


Some Google Maps users are reportedly facing problems using the app’s location sharing feature. According to a report, a bug is preventing Google Maps users from allowing others to monitor their current location until they turn off the location sharing feature.
Google Maps has a location sharing feature, which allows users to share their location with others. While sharing the location, users can set a time limit as to when the sharing will stop. Or, they can also choose the setting that shares the current location “Until I turn it off.”
Users on the Google Maps app’s support page are complaining that they are no longer able to select the “Until I turn it off” option. Initially, it was thought that the problem is occurring for those users whose accounts have not verified to meet the minimum age requirements. But, it was immediately proven wrong as a user complained about facing the issue even though his account was verified.
The problem started earlier this month and is believed to be occurring due to a bug that was introduced via a recent software update. Exact cause of the issue is not known. There is no official help or statement from the company either.
Meanwhile, Google has added a handful of new features for Google Maps via an official blog post. These include Area Busyness, Directory tab, Detailed Restaurant reviews and Grocery pickup.
Area Busyness is designed to help people spot the time when a nearby area or a particular part of town is at its busiest. Google is also expanding the Directory tab to provide more detailed information about navigating around large buildings like a market, shopping malls, airports, transit stations, etc. Grocery pickup, on the other hand, will let users track their order status and then share with the store when they expect to arrive for collection without leaving the app.


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