rain: This iOS 15 feature will let you be prepared for rain in advance

iOS 15 has brought so many changes and improvements to iPhones. Among several other important ones, the one feature that went unnoticed by most users is the new rain map in the updated Weather app.
While it isn’t that of a popular feature, it’s extremely useful for those who love to travel or have a job that requires travelling. According to a New York Post report, Apple bought Dark Sky weather app last year and rain map was among the most popular features of that app.
How to use rain map on Weather app
The updated Weather app comes with every iPhone running iOS 15 or newer. To use the feature simply tap on the Weather app on your device then tap on the map icon at the bottom left corner. After that tap on three small squares at the top right corner and then choose a weather filter.
After this choose Precipitation and you are set. The Weather app will now show you a map with the forecast of rain. The rain level is colour-coded that tells how much rain to expect.
Navigate through the bar left or right to adjust the time and check whether it will be raining in your area in the coming hours or tomorrow and help you be prepared in advance.
The levels of rain are color-coded to let you know exactly what level of precipitation you should expect, and leave home well prepared.
Apart from that, the Weather app will show other details like Heat Map and Air Quality along with the Rain map.

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