PUBG: New State Anti-Cheat Update to Target Gamers Who ‘Intentionally’ Play With Cheaters, Says Krafton

According to publisher Krafton, PUBG: New State’s anti-cheat technology has been updated. In the popular multiplayer and battle royale game, the latest update promises tougher penalties for abusive players and cheats. On Tuesday, PUBG: New State’s improved anti-cheat system became life, and it will target players who play with cheats in the game. In an effort to curb cheating on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the version of PUBG Mobile that was published in India earlier this year, Krafton has modified its policy to ban cheaters’ devices.

On Twitter, Krafton announced that the popular PUBG: New State game’s anti-cheat system had been improved. The game has already surpassed the 45 million download milestone just weeks after its release. On Facebook, Krafton also detailed the anti-cheat update that went live on Tuesday. In addition to new anti-cheat system methods and upgrades to the old system, the new update includes “strengthened safeguards against players who actively play in a Squad with someone who is using unlicensed third-party programs.”

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Hackers and cheats are a problem in many online multiplayer games, as they try to gain an unfair advantage over other players. However, using unlicensed apps can damage a legitimate gamer’s experience, and PUBG: New State is no exception. Meanwhile, Krafton improves the game’s anti-cheat algorithms on a regular basis to detect cheats and hackers who use ‘unauthorized applications’ to cheat.

Preventing PUBG: New State from launching on devices with Developer options enabled was one of the prior measures taken by Krafton to combat cheating. On BGMI, the corporation has instituted a new device ban policy for cheaters. In BGMI, Krafton has begun permanently prohibiting cheating devices, preventing them from being used to create new accounts. The publisher has not stated whether the same device ban policy will be implemented in PUBG: New State in the future.

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