PUBG: New State Announces January Patch, Battlegrounds now free on PC and Consoles

PUBG: New State announces January patch, Battlegrounds now free on PC and consoles PUBG creator Krafton has announced a major January patch for the game. The update will feature a new 64-player mode, a number of new firearms, and a number of other improvements. The game is now free on PC and consoles, and it is available in a remastered version for both platforms. The patch will also reset Preseason ranks and update rewards for higher ranks.

The January patch for PUBG: New State will add new weapons and 64-player game modes. BR Extreme (64-player) will put 64 survivors against one another in a 20-minute time limit in the Troi map. The game is now free on PC and consoles. BR Extreme also includes the free-to-play Battle Royale mode, which pits 64 survivors against each other in a single match.

The January patch for PUBG: New State will add a new 64-player game mode, BR Extreme (64), as well as new guns and other improvements. The game will also be free on PC and consoles. This patch will make PUBG: New State more accessible to PC gamers. This update will also make PUBG: the New States compatible with Xbox One.

PUBG: New State will introduce a free version of the game on PC and consoles. The game will remain free to play, but you can download the full game and play it for as long as you want. Moreover, this new version will include new 64-player game modes, new firearms, and overall game improvements. The original PUBG: New State is a free-to-play game. There are many new features and updates coming to the game in the future. This patch will make the game even more enjoyable and fun.

PUBG: New State’s January patch adds new 64-player modes, new firearms, and other improvements. It also makes PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free to play on all platforms, including PC. With a limited time, players can try out the game and see if they enjoy it. You should definitely check it out. This is a fantastic approach to play the game. It’s free to download, too.

PUBG: New State will also feature a new game mode called BR: Extreme (64) which pits 64 players against each other in an 8×8 map. It will also feature new weapons and a new UI. PUBG: New State is now free on PC and consoles. So, check it out if it’s worth the download.

While the January patch was a major update, the game is still free on consoles. However, the game is now free on PC and consoles, so you can play it for free on any platform you wish. With a recent January patch, PUBG: New State also added new weapons and Tactical Gear. These changes made the game more fun for players, which is one of the most popular games for players.

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PUBG: New State also includes improvements in mobility, with the addition of a new Parkour Roll mechanic that enables players to cushion their falls while jumping and a new Sudden Dash mechanic that lets them sprint from a prone position. Other changes include time balances, new game modes, and an introduction to Season 1. The preseason ranks will be reset, and rewards for higher rankings will be updated.

PUBG: New State’s January patch will include 64-player modes, new firearms, and more. In addition to these, the game is also free to play on PC and consoles. Aside from the January patch, a new 64-player mode called BR: Extreme will be added to the game. It pits up to 64 survivors against each other in a single map of 8 x eight squares, which is set on a planet with mountains, forests, and swamps.

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