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New Delhi: For mothers, their breastfeeding journey has an emotional connect and to celebrate it lifelong as a remembrance, jewellery made from it has emerged as a new way of order. Not just in the West but this special order is also facilitated back home in Chennai. 

In an interview with The New York Times, Alma Partida, who nursed her daughter, Alessa, for almost 18 months wanted to mark her journey of breastfeeding in a special way. And guess what? While she was checking out Facebook, she got to know of jewellery made from Breast Milk. 

Alma sent about 10 millilitres of breast milk to a company called Keepsakes by Grace and a month later, she received a milky-white heart-shaped pendant. “It’s the last drop. It’s the last thing you have to remember the journey, she told The New York Times.

Keepsakes by Grace owner Sarah Castillo told the publication, “A lot of my orders come from clients that are either suffering through a hard time or they’re weaning they’re and not ready yet. A lot of it comes from that, almost like a desire to continue but either they can’t or they decided it’s time to stop.”

Sarah Castillo’s pieces typically cost $60 to $150.

Back home in India, a Chennai-based artist named Preethi runs this line of using breastfeeding into keepsakes that parents can have as a momento. According to News Minute, Preethy’s jewellery includes earrings, rings, pendants among other things. 

She got the idea of going ahead with the jewellery line after many asked about it on a Facebook forum. Preethy’s price ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,000, depending on the design and the material.

Not just breast milk, but Preethy told News Minute that she gets an order request to make pieces with a child’s first tooth, a lock of hair and even the umbilical cord.





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