Nowruz 2022: Google Doodle celebrates start of Persian new year

Nowruz 2022: Nowruz, which means “New Day”, originated in Zoroastrianism, an Iranian religion. Many communities in Central and Western Asia celebrate it.

Google Doodle: Google put out a vibrant doodle featuring flowers and a guitar to mark Nowruz.

The Google Doodle on March 20 celebrated Nowruz, the first day of the spring season and the official beginning of the Persian New Year.

The vibrant Google Doodle featured flowers and a guitar.

Nowruz, which means “New Day”, originated in Zoroastrianism, an Iranian religion. Though rooted in Iranian traditions, the festival is celebrated by many communities in Central and Western Asia.

Nowruz marks the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

“The northern hemisphere is saying goodbye to cold, barren landscapes and hello to spring’s budding leaves and blooming flowers,” Google said in a note accompanying the doodle. “Millions around the world put on festivals, feasts and enjoy outdoor activities in celebration of Nowruz, the first day of spring and official start to Persian New Year.”

Nowruz is an over 3,000-years-old festival. The celebrations, which last 13 days, begin with the vernal equinox when the sun crosses the equator.

“This widely symbolizes rebirth and the affirmation of life in harmony with nature,” Google said.

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To celebrate Nowruz, people tidy up their houses, visit friends and neighbors and cook traditional herb rice and fried fish, and some special desserts.

The United Nations recognises March 21 as the “International Day of Nowruz”.

“Nowruz plays a significant role in strengthening the ties among peoples based on mutual respect and the ideals of peace and good neighborliness,” the UN has said. “Its traditions and rituals reflect the cultural and ancient customs of the civilizations of the East and West, which influenced those civilizations through the interchange of human values.”


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