Nitin Gadkari favours policy to allow ‘authorised’ dhabas along NHs to provide ‘pay and use’ toilet facilities | India News


NEW DELHI: Taking note of non-availability of “good toilets” along the 200-300 km stretch of National Highways, Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday instructed the NHAI and road ministry officials to frame a policy to allow “authorised” dhabas along NHs to provide good “pay and use” toilet facilities and parking space. He said the NHAI can give permission for dhabas with such facilities as it’s done in the case of petrol pumps.
Addressing an event to launch the first ever live app for expert consultation on about 66 sectors called “Consult“, the minister said somebody sent him an SMS mentioning that the person did not get a single good toilet on an NH. “It’s indeed a problem. But only when we are open to people’s observations and suggestions, we will be able to find a solution. This is also a form of consultation,” Gadkari said.
He said the “ego” increases as senior bureaucrats and politicians reach higher in their professions and “they feel they know everything.” Gadkari said, “As we reach senior positions, we are surrounded by those who only appreciate us and no one comes to criticise us or point out our problems and shortcomings,” Gadkari said. The minister said recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked all ministers how many of them go through all papers and suggestions they get from people they meet. “Many such suggestions are so good,” he added.
On the issue of good toilets on NHs the minister said after consultation with officials from the NHAI and road ministry, it has been decided that the highways authorities can give approval for small “dhabas” similar to the no objection certificates they give for opening of petrol pumps.
“Such dhabas will be allowed to provide use and pay toilet facilities, small parking for trucks and other vehicles and for eating as well. We can do the ratings of these dhabas,” he said.

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