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ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

The right elements must be included in your skincare routine to maintain the health of your skin during the winter season when the skin decreases its natural moisture and becomes dry and sensitive. There are several organic substances that will nourish your skin in this weather but the only thing needed to work the magic is knowledge of the ingredients with moisture-giving qualities.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prakash Singh, VP R&D and Operations at Nature 4 Nature, suggested a few ingredients to include in your winter skincare:

1. Honey – The most effective moisturiser found in nature is honey. In addition to moisturising our skin, honey also aids in the reduction of fine wrinkles.

2. Almond – Scrubbing with almond powder. Make a thick paste by combining milk and almond powder. Your skin will become softer and more radiant after using this face scrub to gently exfoliate it.

3. Turmeric – Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances are present in turmeric. These features may impart a glow and sheen to the skin. Turmeric may restore your skin’s natural radiance.

Even though there are many more naturally occurring compounds, the ingredients listed above are some that are commonly used to maintain skin hydrated and shiny even in the dry winter. According to Sukhleen Aneja, CEO of The Good Brands of The Good Glamm Group, the best way to tackle dry skin is by giving it what it needs i.e. lipids. She siad, “Ceramide- an ingredient proven to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and retain moisture, leaves the skin visibly plump and hydrated. Young skin produces lots of ceramides but as you age and through sun damage, the quality and quantity of ceramides reduce. This can lead to a damaged skin barrier, causing redness, irritation, rough skin and dehydration.”

She advised, “Ceramide-based skincare regime can replenish your skin while keeping it hydrated, firm and nourished. Furthermore, our skin faces a multitude of daily external stressors that can affect its barrier function. Therefore, one must include ceramide-based products that become protective barriers acting as a missing link for our skin.”

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