MPL has banned over million user accounts over malpractice on its platform


In order to provide a secure and fair gaming experience to its users, MPL, the mobile and skill gaming platforms, has banned over a million user accounts. The company says that steps have been taken by the company to remove players who did not comply with the rules and resorted to unfair means to manipulate gameplay results in their favour.
The company has provided the reason that led to the user accounts getting blocked including using multiple accounts by the same users to access the platform, uploading fake or doctored KYC documents, using unauthorised payment modes like stolen cards and using unfair means like cheating during the game, using any hacks or collusion techniques, etc.
The company has further clarified that these are not temporary suspensions and MPL has permanently banned these users from the system.
Highlighting its security measures, MPL has said that it has robust security measures in place that enables them to effectively identify and ban fake accounts within a short span of them being created. The company also uses security technologies that enable the detection of fraud accounts at a granular level which includes identification of the devices used to create the accounts. Once a user is blocked, typically they tend to create a new account using different email ids. PL identifies these unauthorized login attempts made using the same device and permanently revokes their access. This ensures fraudulent gamers are suspended and removed from the platform, allowing genuine players to join tournaments with confidence.
MPL’s security initiatives have recently been recognised by the SHIELD Trust Certification, which attests that the platform has more than 96.57% genuine users and a user-to-device ratio of 1: 0.9568.
MPL has also announced multiple initiatives to further the player-first approach and foster a safe and risk-free gameplay experience for the users. As a part of this, the company launched a bug bounty program that has been designed to reward security researchers up to Rs 10 lakhs for successfully identifying a valid vulnerability on the platform. The bug bounty program also allows researchers to report any possibility that can give a player an unfair advantage.

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