Is the game ‘Growtopia’ a good way to make money by selling in-game items?

Is the game 'Growtopia' a good way to make money by selling in-game items?
Is the game 'Growtopia' a good way to make money by selling in-game items?

Is the game ‘Growtopia’ a good way to make money by selling in-game items?

When it comes to in-game auctions, has always been the go-to source for content with a variety of fun options for players to earn points. Their final, in-game auction sale is scheduled for December 10th so players don’t have too much time to mull over it before it is time to either do something fun with the rewards themselves or do something new by buying the items. That helps lighten the tab from what can be a pretty humdrum year for most people. To me, however, in-game earnings have always evoked one question in my mind; does playing In-game Items help me or hurt me in some way?

Recently I put these questions to a few people in the community who play the game which is all I needed. For months, many Redditers had been inquiring about the matter and many responded to them either negatively or positively. Those who guessed that I would mostly be making money out of selling in-game items were right. If you want to make money off of selling in-game items, using the game’s Auction Manager service, you can make it.

I wanted to learn as much as possible about the process so I went through their documentation. Their terms of service state, “You may not sell or bring into our site any game items, other than Level 3M Playing Tokens, or other products using the product(s)” — but it’s not that simple. To be honest, selling in-game items is intimidating. I’ve seen people buying up a bunch of Pokemon, Hotwheels, and TCG cards for lots of fun, but I can’t see that happening often enough to make it lucrative.

For me, I found that I didn’t have to do very much to be profitable. The three games I bought with my Pokemocaltt people did more work for me than some of my spam emails or social media posts. But not as much as you might think; this allows you to be unique. I suppose my paycheck is shallow so I wasn’t making much money on ETA but that’s not an excuse for refusing to get my hands dirty. Regardless, in order to make a living out of In-game Expendable cards, it helps to have lots of options and be well versed in how to maximize your earnings.

One idea I heard a lot in the community is to bet that the success of In-game Expendable cards will reflect how the game (In-game Player Coin) is spending out. Your first NCC card you bought must be randomly bought with Slot 1/9 and your second card must be randomly bought with Slot 2/8 and so on. And that’s a good idea for players who are winning a lot of cards at once but that approach is risky in any amount. If you have these high amounts of success, your gambling income could still remain, and the strategy to maximize your profits will need to change.

Another potential way to go about making money from In-game Expendable is to start an in-game economy for those who are interested in making in-game income with their PC games, and if the growth of a regular In-game Expendable/custom in-game economy takes off, then it could eventually become a popular activity on the market and potentially become a taxable activity that many people would contribute to the federal government.

Another solution for me was to make In-game Expendable cards. Play it as a freelance writer and earn a steady income by selling cards based on the percentage of my total earnings obtained off of the sale alone. In-game Expendable cards are selling out quickly enough that it may not be too common to find cards to be in stock so try again tomorrow. Also, check your options and your copy editors to come up with a game story you can find (that will take very few words to write). Write enough stories and eventually, you will be able to sell a premium card or two at a respectable price. On top of that, making an In-game Expendable card is fun!

More than any other time, I learned a lot about a new tactic that can make you money. Even though I did a thorough analysis of all the players and What happened? I want to be the last person to reach out to folks and say, “Hey, have you heard of this in-game thing that “gives” you a profit based on your In-game Expendable sales?”

If you’re wondering if you should be playing this game, check out my profile here!


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