Is it too late to invest in crypto currencies?

Is it too late to invest in crypto currencies?
Is it too late to invest in crypto currencies?

Is it too late to invest in cryptocurrencies? When I read numerous news articles and social media posts that reveal bitcoin’s price jump has made anyone who was invested in the cryptocurrency, think that they have missed out on the venture. And I may be wrong, as the CTO of Gopher, our real-world ICO saw 83% of investors reach the exit.

It’s crucial to realize that bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency on the market and there are a number of similar projects that are completely different from that of bitcoin. At some point in our lives, we may be invested and then asked “Is it too late to invest now?”.

Absolutely not!

Now as stated in many news articles, the bitcoin bubble has burst which the value has crashed more than $15K and all investors, who have placed their money at stake, have “missed out”. Since the price peak back in 2017, the bitcoin price has come a long way. Since its price peaked the price saw its hardest (and least understandable) time due to the emergence of altcoins and crypto tokens. Due to its market value of billions of dollars, lots of money poured into the cryptocurrency and its supply began to drop, due to lack of investment. And as the very rich people invested in bitcoin, its value increased through the time period, but as the value from bitcoin diminished, it was then time to start selling some stake to the crypto token holders.

Crypto projects and altcoins have brought projects to the U.S.A.A.!!?

So technically speaking, investing in bitcoin is considered a long-term strategy, that has gained all of its investment funds to be way above an investor’s current expected return. At some point in the future, it is expected that the bitcoin price will decrease and its overall value will not be higher than its current total selling price which will mean that investors should buy again. It can also be said that some other cryptocurrencies’ altcoins have also seen value increase which might also bring prices of crypto tokens soaring.

At this very moment, world-leading medical research company Newscorp. uk[UK] has decided to move their token sale to the bitcoin version of EthereumETH cryptocurrency, and for the general public. While they will be able to buy the cryptocurrency by its current cost of almost $13,000, the project decided to be a more accessible blockchain platform that would not have a deadlock gap.

However, as an investor, it is all about the investment amounts that make sense to you. But remember, these token offerings is more about marketing than any real cash offer.

Investors can start by buying their share now and if the ICO wants a certain amount of funding, the first token can be sold and can’t be traded. The name of the token to be sold is 18,000 ETH. Newscorp.UK recently announced that their token will have a special code ETH1 which will only be sold by the company. It is also said that 12% of every ETH sold will go to social causes and further investments from the team and the young people.

Lot’s of currency-

As the first ICO, they will aim to fund big projects, such as botanization for sake of those in vulnerable situations. This project also reports that the team will come up with more opportunities as well. Once the initial offering is complete, the company has a goal to build a transparent and AI-supported blockchain platform that will be able to solve a wide range of the world’s problems. In addition, they are planning to invest in the crypto community. The company will set aside $1 million for charities and help students with crypto studies. As time goes by, if the company wants to invest more than $1 million, the tokens will be created in ETH 1, and sold that will be priced at $1,000 to some other investors in its core set up.


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