Is it really possible to earn online?

Is it really possible to earn online?
Is it really possible to earn online?

How to earn a living online

This article highlights some of the most compelling cases for why it is possible to earn a living online.

The last 15 years have seen new methods of income emerge that could be harnessed to bring people and businesses back online. A number of businesses went through the recession last year and there will be many trying to ensure their survival.

The resilience of many businesses is not a given but a will and determination, big data, and new approaches of using algorithms and use of virtual personal assistants have had a great impact on many industries. In our modern age, where virtual personal assistants have become more common, you can earn a living by asking them questions that need an immediate response.

You can even buy products as per your queries, by paying for them and getting them delivered to your doorstep. There are many different ways to make a living from your gadgets, fitness trackers, watches, and other products. There are, however, only a few that are applicable here.

1. Streaming

Some refer to this method as over-the-top (OTT) entertainment. The number of consumers globally willing to pay for monthly streaming is increasing. Small businesses with limited income will see this new model of income as a good way to earn something. With hundreds of Netflix and other streaming services available now, all you need is an excellent understanding of Big Data and recommendations. With their machine learning and data science technology, they could predict what you are currently watching and offer you anything that can be of value to you. From daily gaming to drama, to social games, this online streaming service is becoming one of the fastest-growing. In many ways, this is an application of Big Data on your screen.

You don’t have to wait for a person or company to come up with this method and prove it can generate revenue. You can reap the rewards just by understanding what you are watching, what will be interesting to you at the time, and what will suit your taste. At some point, you will be able to grab an offer from one of the streaming companies and subscribe to it.

2. Technology Deals

The social media companies, like Facebook and Instagram, are encouraging you to use their tools and provide feedback via chatbots to make better predictions. We have seen great aspects of this practice in the Indian market where stories and news are being spoken about every minute, every 30 minutes, sometimes. Companies have employed great methods to make it more compelling. It is always possible to earn money just by reaching out to people through the technology deal sites.

It is a great opportunity to target a user group and deliver the personalized messages to them through the sites.

3. Gift Giving

The retailers who have a great deal on their products will also surely urge you to mention your location on the social media sites when you are searching for that quality you have been looking for. They will know exactly where you are and should ask you which bag or accessories you are using. From there, they will personalize and provide the price of that item according to your location. If you want to go for an item that is difficult to send anywhere, then this may be an option for you.

4. Research

I have seen cases of people on mobile becoming great figures in analyzing conditions of clouds and make predictions. It is also possible to score your results for other entrepreneurs or companies that are using VR and AR technologies. With powerful new technologies, data is being gathered from objects, events, and living people.

The applications are vast, and one day, a lot of businesses may become a lot more profitable due to this new method of revenue generation.

5. SEO

There is no doubt, the biggest avenue for businesses that want to make a living online lies in how they create their brand and image in the google chrome engine. They can create more good content and search results for their website. Is it possible to earn a living by creating content in a search engine using artificial intelligence and machine learning?


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