I don’t like my fiance and we are engaged. What should I do?

I don't like my fiance and we are engaged. What should I do?
I don't like my fiance and we are engaged. What should I do?

I don’t like my fiance and we are engaged. What should I do? Unfortunately, I am not great in the bedrooms. Our bed is one of the places where I dominate. Before my fiance, I was known as an arrogant man, focused on work and when I came back from work I jumped straight to my bed. I felt had to work the most in bed, yet it was probably the least enjoyable part of the night.

Apparently, my men of a certain age resent me for being arrogant in bed, and the least I should get is them quiet. His male friends say I deserved this rep and that I should never be married again (no matter how strong the man of a certain age is, his parents will always criticize). When I asked if we should listen to the male friends, the reply was of “No, love is not mean and are you done with men?” (whatever that means, we should always do one more thing, because of the lesson we will learn from him one day). We don’t actually love to sleep in a bed.

Only two people can speak dirty in bed. But, it happens to me. The male friends and family of my fiance used to call the bedroom dirty places. They say that the groom of the days and the emperor used to work very hard in bed, but that does not mean that I should visit the same bedroom in which they used to sleep.

Is it true that only a fiance or wife can ask for a leave request for a US soldier?

Maybe he is not good enough in bed. He seemed to be good in general, but a few days ago I was asked by my cousin to use his hand. He said, “You are good in bed but you should know when to use your hand!” He was very close to us. He watched us sometimes, talked to us, and manipulated me, so, I guess, I should know when to use my hand. My fiance was not great in bed, so I think that he is to blame.

Also, I like to lick my partner while he was asleep. We seem to enjoy it because some of us do not take it very well. When he is asleep he got up very fast and snapped a knife at me. My ability to choose what is good or bad is very low. A male friend said that we should be independent and talk about things in a group. He was a bit strict with his friends. The other male friend said the same thing, but he did not offer any guidelines. But, my fiance seemed to be okay with all of the rules. He did not say anything when my friend said the words and he did not do anything when the female friend said the words. But, every time my man of a certain age would talk about “good guys” or some cute words to me (we know there is no person so cute in bed). In bed, he never spoke about independence. He said I had no chance to make love, that I could only fuck some guys!

In some cases, I have the “peepshow”. By this, I mean, a woman penetrates him and makes him sleep and do whatever she wants, and he does not have a chance to respond. If I saw my boyfriend sleeping like that, I would be sad, angry, and a guy who does not like sex! I knew from the beginning he was not a good guy in bed, and I never wanted it because my parents taught me not to show love like this. But, this also means I still do not know what the correct way is for you to treat a woman.

During this third stage of the relationship, I took a little sip of the milk or one, and I said something, yet I still wanted to be an old man but I had no idea how. When I became an old man, I stopped experimenting with pleasure because I was afraid I would hurt the lady. I know he is scared of the cow. Now I am not scared because my boyfriend died and now he is the cow (what he described to me). It looks like he loved me. I also know that I was not good enough and I was not a good man at that time. But, I believe that he was perfect at that time because I was not at my limit and it seems like he was not either, but talking about his ancestors in the past. For that reason, I love him. But, I understand why some people may not love him or not like me. It is not important and I love him very much but I don’t really like him.

I need to understand everything, but I do not really like him. His grandmothers and those who are far more attached to their wives are upset about my bad bed habits and angry about me for not sleeping together. But, it sounds like I am working at it, or at least, I really don’t mind sleeping next to him, so what’s the problem? I want to be a very good guy and I think I


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