How do I make money on the internet while in college?

How do I make money on the internet while in college?
How do I make money on the internet while in college?

How to make money on the internet while still in college

To make money online, you need to first identify a niche. Sure, millions of people are currently making money on the internet, but each is a tad different. So let’s explore what makes for a viable strategy in today’s market. First, let’s look at six basic verticals you can use to make money on the internet.

In today’s market, the internet is a land of limitless opportunities. You’re always able to draw from the expertise and knowledge of other internet users. So, if you know something that will help someone else succeed on the internet, and you happen to have a profile that gives you a competitive advantage, talk to your school’s alumni for advice on how to make money. Don’t forget to network with your peers, your classmates, and the other more knowledgeable individuals you come in contact with while online.

Today’s internet, you have a huge pool of potential customers. If you’re a freelance writer, you’re often offered the chance to stand out amongst a sea of other professionals. You don’t have to rely on a ton of paid work or internships. In the world of internet marketing, you don’t even have to impress everyone. In fact, writing a great blog post can be your ticket to promotion, and makes you a top-notch company spokesperson (consider the recent trend of blogging on behalf of a brand!).

You can also create websites. Even if you don’t have too much money, it is very possible to earn up to $10 or $15 per month, or even more, if you only have 3 or 5 visitors in an hour. Of course, you need to see which ones will visit your site, how long they stay on it, and how much money they spend on ads and paid content. But making some extra cash is worth the hassle. If your profit goal is $20, and your profit per day can be $20, you have a 2.7 percent chance of hitting your overall goal. If you want to make more than $25, that’s 6.6 percent of the opportunity cost’s discounted at 30%. That’s basically one-third of the cost.

If you’re not sure what to do with your profit, consider paying a friend to help you draft up a blog post for you. You’ll save the time, effort, and energy you might’ve spent on crafting your own.

If you don’t want to write an article, you could use another startup platform to create a website that sells clothes and makeup. You’ll pay them for advertising your fashion show and setting it up for online browsing. The downside is that they charge $1500 and $800 for the event and website respectively. But still, you’re charging them far less than any other fashion show in your area! Plus, it’s no secret that for many people, it’s the easiest way to make money online.


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