How can one earn money with a Facebook page?

How can one earn money with a Facebook page?
How can one earn money with a Facebook page?

How can one earn money with a Facebook page?

“Once you start, you have no idea how much money is going to come in,” says Lydia.

“How do you get people to read posts like this?” asks Lizzie.

“Who reads posts like this on Facebook?” asks Lucy.

Lydia and Lucy want to be online influencers so bad they started their own Facebook pages and sold followers. Even though their financial end goal is to obtain money from reading their posts, their thoughts are not about monetary gain. They couldn’t imagine that anyone would pay them to publish pictures and talks about their lifestyles. Facebook had what anyone calls bad user behavior? The risk of losing followers can scare even the most optimistic among the young media types.

“Plus,” Lizzie pointed out, “I feel my Instagram profile does not rival that of Lydia’s.” Lydia disagreed. She felt that her Instagram profile represented her hobbies, interests, and connections, plus her confidence. Her body was that of a Hollywood starlet, projecting a message for future endeavors.

“Wow,” yelled Lucy. “I’m watching these video posts with a grain of salt, and I can tell how motivated they are.”

“But how am I going to get people to follow me?” she asked. “I’m going to put up a lot of content that will attract my followers.”

“It’s a lot easier to generate content on a small scale than it is to reach a large audience,” Lydia pointed out.

“What you’re doing is producing a work of art,” exclaimed Lucy. “To make money I’ll have to keep posting stories that will have my followers thirsty to give my page a follow. It’s like a legitimate website out of New York.”

“The latest Facebook data makes it clear that a high percentage of the clientele will be interested in quality content,” Lydia pointed out. “If you build it, they’ll come. I’m going to put most of my energy into creating relevant and engaging content. A lot of content on our page is sentimental to my travels through Europe and the Far East. More importantly, I’m going to keep my stories interesting. One of my wife’s best friends put me up on Instagram. I have Instagram followers now. It’s where my husband and I are going to be spending Christmas, so I hope I’ll get a lot of followers this holiday season. It’s almost going to feel like a party because you know your followers can’t just choose to never read your posts.”

“People are flocking to Facebook pages that have an interesting story about their lives,” Lucy agreed. “There’s a reason why characters in Stranger Things and The Walking Dead have stories that captivate viewers. Also, Facebook’s interest area is a natural fit for social media creators. What drives followers to “likes” a certain post, visits the page of someone who creates content that’s interesting, and engages the channel’s community? The answer’s simple. Content is the currency that drives advertisers to spend on certain kinds of brands that engage customers’ desires.”

What is the best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing?

“If we can post videos to an Instagram audience of 500 or more,” Lucy pointed out, “that’s a good revenue-generating system for one or two influencers. We’re good for a decent return on investment for one of us.”

“But my attitude,” Lydia pointed out, “is that anyone can work for themselves. I hope to go through college and get my dream job so I can buy myself a BMW or a gourmet lifestyle. My mindset, however, is that I won’t be looking at the bank as a target—that I will be reaching my goals in every way I can while writing, creating, and creating new content on my Instagram. The day I reach my goals I will quit my job and have my independence. The day I quit my job and become a financially independent citizen I will no longer have to live within an unrealistic budget. I’ll feel free and I will enjoy my life and move into a completely new world. There won’t be a single idea that I can’t use to succeed in the process.”


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