Google: Google disabled a feature that warned users about storms, temporarily fixes it

When Google released the Pixel 2 line of smartphones in 2017, it introduced the ‘At a Glance widget. Since then, this widget has kept Android users informed about local weather conditions. This widget always keeps its users updated about what to expect when they step outside, whether it’s a sunny day, hazy, rain, or even an impending storm. As a result, the users were not surprised when the widget alerted them to an impending global storm. Later, it was discovered that the storm would just affect the Philippines, and the widget issued a warning to all Android users worldwide.
Google’s ‘At a glance’ widget recently alerted millions of people about a looming storm in the Philippines. Although this appears to be a critical piece of information that consumers would want the widget to share, it will only do so if the widget is properly configured.

Instead of informing individuals in and around the Philippines about the storm, the widget has alerted millions of Android users around the world. PAGASA issued a public storm warning to Android users all across the world, according to Android Police (the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration).
This unexpected global warning about the storm may have caused some concern, but it was later revealed to be a false alarm for the world, as the storm will just affect the Philippines, and there will be no global disaster.
Google’s solution to the problem

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According to reports, the false alarm was caused by a flaw in the widget, which prompted some users to panic for a brief while, and Google will take some time to properly remedy the issue. As a workaround, the business has published a patch that disables the Severe Weather Alerts for Android customers. If you try to turn it on manually, Google will disregard your preference and turn it off.
We hope that this is a temporary workaround for the problem and that the tech giant will release a permanent cure for the fault so that the widget doesn’t raise such a false alarm again.



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