Does anyone need the best affiliate platform in India?

Does anyone need the best affiliate platform in India?
Does anyone need the best affiliate platform in India?

Does anyone need the best affiliate platform in India? TechCrunch wrote a very interesting piece on the growing number of platforms coming up in India. They included Pocket and Outbrain in their list of “5 New ‘Foursquare’ Platforms.”

One platform that everyone is talking about is Pluck. It aims to be the curation platform and “the next Netflix”. Pluck curates content from YouTube and other sources and sells it directly to consumers.

But does anyone need the platform to eat that well-established chicken?

What makes Pluck different?

Pluck has had very impressive traction. It has given 250,000 bloggers $6.5 million and 100 million clicks. Many of them have not even set up their websites.

The difference in the strategy from these other two big players is Pluck is the first to allow every post to be reviewed and reviewed on all the major social media platforms. To give you an example, Instagram and Twitter can’t be aggregated on a single platform as it would be a big hassle in terms of support.

The other major difference with the other platforms is the product is actually built-in to desktop and is a web app. As compared to Outbrain and Pocket, Pluck is the first with the offer to include publishers’ features on mobile.

And two of the other big characteristics are that the platform doesn’t have a log-in profile, and the list creators are allowed to exit their readers quickly after around 2–5 days.

The platform has people working for them now and making an appearance on this platform. They are working on reaching out to publishers and trying to get a better foothold on the market.

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As the website shows, there’s one thing not many are bringing up at Pluck’s perspective address. In order to become a successful platform, you have to control the return part of your marketing channels.

There’s no mention of creating native advertising on Pluck, and there’s no word on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payment.

How Pluck responds

When reached for comment, the founder told us “We are absolutely looking for publishers. Our goal is to scale significantly and we are currently running beta experiments with major brands like Ancestry, Kayak, Talkwalker, and Venmo. We can’t release all these integrations yet, but we will stay close to them as we continue to develop the platform.”

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